Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lincoln Lincoln I've Been Thinkin

The nice thing about the drive in, other than saving ridiculous amounts of money on seeing movies is that generally it's a two-fer.  After Abe Lincoln was done slaying vampires and protecting all of mankind from the menace I got to watch Prometheus.
I've been wanting to see both of those movies so I was quite happy about this double feature.  However, the movie to my right (a 6 screen drive-in) was playing Magic Mike so I got to see a whole bunch of scantly clad male dancing out of the corner of my eye and that might have scarred me for countless years to come.  However, it will probably take therapy to understand the full effect that it has had on me.
The screen to my left was playing some shitty Madea movie or something - you know, that creepy black guy who dresses like his mother all the time... yeah... Steven Tyler Joe Perry .... That guy... whatever... My movies were cool and surrounded by turds.

Being that I have not watched any of the Aliens movies in a few years I now have an urge to sit through them and see exactly how Prometheus fits into everything.  The good part is that it is a prequel so I can just jump into Alien and truck on with no problems.

Up next is this beauty of a box set

And once I'm done with the 4 Alien movies I'll jump right into my beloved Alien vs Predator.
I've got a 5 day stretch where I am off from work so I think I'll take that time to run through the 4 originals before diving into the AvPs.

Because of the 2nd movie coming on and not getting home until 2 am I never got a chance to go out and play poker last night, however I will make up for that tonight as I harass my local crappy home game.  Last time I went there I fared horrible as it appeared everyone (well, just one person) had fun hitting sets against my monsters.  Top Pair NFD vs a set.  KK vs a Set in a RR'd pot where I got 80% of my money in Pre.  This time I will run better and my goal is to bust someone with a spectacularly crappy hand.

Sunday is going to be my day of rest. I will rest my fat ass on the floor of my bedroom with a video game controller in my hands at all time and my cooler filled with essentials like Diet Mt Dew so that I can just chill and play games the whole bloody day and not have to think.
I do have to meet up with Michael at some point for lunch or a bit later in the evening depending on his schedule and availability and I have to meet up with "My name is NOT The Ex" Carmel for awkward conversation and mortgage exchange.


  1. Because of the 2nd movie coming on and not getting home until 2 am I never got a chance to go out and play poker last night,

    That's no excuse.

    This time I will run better and my goal is to bust someone with a spectacularly crappy hand.

    Don't forget the 2-4. They never see it coming.

    1. Mixed bag of Donuts tonight.
      Lasted about 3 hours before busting out.
      Could never actually get any chips and every time I started to get some I'd lose a big pot with a great 2nd best hand that I couldn't get away from.
      Finally busted when someone made a bad call preflop and then called my push for 1/3rd of her chips with nothing but a flush draw.

      Oh well, thems the breaks.

  2. What did you think of Prometheus? I thought it had spectacular visuals and a great story idea, but was ruined by a very poorly crafted story with supposedly smart people doing unbelievably idiotic things.

    1. I'm going to have to give it a few days to fully formulate my opinion on it.

      As a whole it wasn't too bad - I can't comment about the visuals because I saw it at a drive in which kind of takes away from the whole awesomeness of visuals and effects but gives a cheap and fun experience instead.

      I enjoyed the movie for what it was, I was hoping for a little bit more action and I didn't go into it with any expectations.
      For a horror movie I'm used to smart people making bad decisions in order to advance the plot so that didn't bug me too terribly much.
      David8 kinda bugged me a bit though.

  3. I loved the Alien vs Predator movie. I like the Predator movies, but not the Alien ones, those were gross. And I want to see the second AvP movie. It hasn't come out yet, has it? I did not know that movie was out. Crap. I want to see that now.

    1. AvP2 came out years ago, 2007 to be exact.
      you are WAY behind the time Liz :)

  4. What about the Lincoln vampire flick? How was that?

    1. Other than one scene in the middle of it I really enjoyed it.
      It was well done and stayed pretty true to actual history (as far as my "vast" knowledge of history goes).

    2. Stayed true to actual history? Huh?

      I must have been sick the day in History class they told us about Abe Lincoln slaying vampires.


    3. Rob,
      You must understand that not everything that has actually happen has been reported on, and a lot of it not factually.
      There is a lot about the inventor of the Lincoln Logs that people do not know and this movie serves to put some of that to light.