Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sunday Morning

The last few days I really just haven't been in the mood to write anything.  It started with a bloody awful poker session Friday night where I could do no right what-so-ever.
This one example details the whole painful night.

I got seated in between two big stacks, I was sitting in the 4 seat at the time.
Seat 3 straddled every opportunity possible (His button and UTG) making me wish I were a couple of seats away so that I could actually see if anyone else was going to be in the pot before making some decisions.  Seat 3 also was sitting on a $1,000 stack and was not afraid to put his chips in the middle.  So, while I was on his left, where I want to be, he was making the pots more expensive than they needed to be and as such my $200 stack wasn't happy.
Seat 5 was sitting on about $700 and he absolutely loved to raise.  $10-12 was common from him about 3 out of every 5 hands.  So within an orbit I recognized that I needed to get on his left, have both of them to my right so that I could think about things and make my decisions easier.

Within two orbits the 6 seat opened up and I moved over as quick as humanly possible.  This is where life began to suck.  Random Fish took my old seat at the 4.
5 hands into him sitting down (6 hands after I moved) Random Fish flops a set of 2's, turns quads and then proceeds to stack two full stacked people - tripling up.
Me?  My 2 pair lost to quads, my straight lost to a flush, Top 2 lost to a flush, my hair lost to a flush, my libido lost to a flush.  My flopped set got ignored by the other 6 people seeing the flop as they folded.  My flopped straight was folded to and my only flush was largely ignored as well.
Within 6 hands of Random Fish tripling up his initial $200 buy-in in ONE fricking hand both Seat 3 and Seat 5 racked up and left for the night.
I didn't have to move after and the poker dogs were punishing me by telling me if I would have just stayed put then I'd have a lot more money to play with.
Fuck you poker dogs, fuck you.

In other news, it's not morning but I'm trying to fool you all with the title of my post.

My good buddy Splitter is not only my bitch, but he lets people know he was embarrassed to receive my birthday gift to him last year.

I helped a friend move furniture today which turned out to be a fucking horrible idea.
Let me explain.

Heavy Dresser that needs to make it up a flight of stairs.  I've got bottom because I hate walking up stairs backwards carrying heavy shit.  Also, I'm fat and if the furniture falls out of someone else's hands up the stairs I feel that my cushion (for the pushin') is better to absorb landing on my fat ass rather than some skinny twerp.
So, carrying the dresser around chest height to have a good grip we turn to face the steps when my foot goes off the sidewalk and into the dirt.  This is about an inch drop off and because I have really weak fucking ankles my right ankle twists just a little so that I have to avoid falling, but while in the process of not falling I somehow manage to slam the dresser right into my fucking throat causing me to not breathe too well at the time and feel like complete shit afterwards for, well, multiple hours now.
Revenge will be mine.

I'm running through Doctor Who Season 6 again because I think it's a brilliant season of TV programming.
I'm waiting for Breaking Bad Season 4 to ship to me this month - and I just got the price adjusted from to match Best Buy's price for when it releases on Tuesday - saving me about $10-12 bucks.

I've been playing Skylanders and love it.  It feels like a modern day Gauntlet that is a bit more cartooned up for the kids.  Only annoyance is that it only has kiddie difficulty which means that it's not challenging at all (but still fun to play) and of course I appear to be using an over powered shooter anyways.
The story is fun and the levels are well put together.  I'm a completionist in games like this so I've only made it through the 1st 6 levels (out of 20) and I'm not even close to bored with it.  I should have this beaten by the end of the week.


  1. Yuck. The poker gods giveth, the poker gods taketh away. Sorry about the bad nite. One thing tho, you can never be sure what would have happened if you had stayed in original seat. Hands would have been been played differently by different players, would have effected the shuffle, etc. You might have done just as bad if you had stayed.

  2. As I type this (we'll see if this holds true) I am committed to putting a lot more emphasis on table selection when I move back to the desert. If I don't like the situation at the table, I'm going to change tables or poker rooms. In the past, being the competitor that I am, I've just stuck it out to see how I would do. My goal is to avoid that this time - we'll see...

  3. Series 6 - is that the first one with Matt Smith and the delicious Karen Gillan? Oh my god a redhead with knockers and legs up to here - I'd stick my sonic screwdriver in HER, buddyroo.

    1. Second, but mmmmm yes.
      I'd like to take my knickers down to Amelia's Pond

    2. Do not pervert my Doctor or his companions!

    3. It's hard not to - other than the granny they have been pretty much little Brit hotties.
      I still miss Rose - oh dear Rose how I miss thee