Friday, June 08, 2012

Not So Great Way To Start The Weekend

11 pm
93 degrees
no fucking AC
AC made loud funny noises around 11 am and has not worked since.
Maintenance guy came out, played with the Thermostat for a few moments, played with the breakers for a few moments and then decided he had to go on the roof to play with the actual fucking AC unit.
Came back down, flipped some switches, went back up.
Got the "fan" working but that's it - says he has to come back tomorrow to check up on it and probably replace the condenser or compressor or Kompressor or whatever.
Fuck, I'm not going to be able to sleep worth a damn tonight and I sure as shit hope he gets that bitch working tomorrow.



  1. Hope that gets straightened out quick - about the worst problem you can have in the desert...

  2. Note: Increase Diet Mountain Dew consumption ...

  3. Poker rooms tend to be extremely well air conditioned. Just thought I'd mention that.