Friday, June 29, 2012

Tonight Tonight Tonight

Sometimes the great Phil Collins needs to be quoted.

Tonight I'm heading out to see ole Honest Abe slay some Vampires.
Honestly, this is one of those movies that I kinda wanted to see from the first moment I saw the poster. When I found out that there was a book (or books) I had seriously considered getting them for my Kindle Fire and reading through them but I got lazy and that never materialized.
However, if I like the movie then I will most likely follow that course of action.

On Sunday I will most likely be meeting up with a reader of mine (and probably yours) named Michael. I have no blog or twitter feed to link to so the name gets to sit there, mysterious and plain. What I do know about him is that he hails from Canadia and is in town until Sunday night.  So, if after Sunday you all never hear from me again - Blame Canada.

My right eye has been bugging me all day long and I'm blaming this on the cats. As the day has gone on it has gotten a bit better but it feels all red and itchy.

The good news is that I won't have to enter that house for a while as my portion of the grrouchie day care system is over and it has been passed on to others more qualified.

Maybe I can find a big juicy game like this one and show my poker face a time or two.

Tomorrow will be an all day adventure as for the first time since moving to Vegas I'm going to a Farmer's Market.
I haven't been to one in over 6 years so I'm interested to see what kind of goodies I'll be able to come up with.

And after that I'll be heading to a home poker game with a friend from work.  Going to be a fun weekend.


  1. Damn and I thought mine were big. I can kinda do that, but not that Obviously referring to the third picture. And, who the hell would pose for a picture like this anyway? And, I see no bottles of alcohol. That means they are sober and doing this? Not very common.

    Anyway, I'd like to know if the movie is good. I might just have to get the books. Also, is this movie based on all of the books or will there be a movie per book? I should look this stuff up on my own, but it's easier to ask you. ;o)

    1. I think it's a "one-off" book.
      However, I believe it's by the same guy that wrote "Pride, Prejudice and Zombies."
      If this is the case his writing has probably gotten better as PPZ wasn't really that good from what I remember struggling through - though I do place the blame on the original work and it's language.

    2. ArchaeoNerd, do you read my blog? Based on your comment, "I thought mine were big. I can kinda do that, but not that much" I really think you should. Especially my current post. Just saying

    3. No. I'm just getting in this whole blogging thing. I haven't read many. But, if you're the one who wrote the guest blog on here about calling them "tits" instead of "boobs", then I just might have to read it. That one was rather humorous.

      Oh, and by the way, they aren't saggy. I actually have to lean really close to the table to get them to do that. ;o)

    4. Yes Nerd :)
      Rob is the one who did that guest post.
      His blog is mostly about Poker but I think even for a non poker player the blog is well worth reading because it's more about the people/places and things instead of boring hands and actual poker talk

    5. I did go an read one of his posts and of course it was about cleavage and titties. Massive ones apparently. But, I only had time to read one. I'll probably go back and read a few more tonight.

    6. Thanks for the kind words, grrouchie and thanks for checking out my blog, ArchaeoNerd, hope you like what you see. It's definitely a mixed bag....if you don't like one post cuz it's too much poker, check out the next one, it's very likely to concern female body parts. :) And thanks for the kind words on the Tits guest post.

      And one other note, it is not required that female readers describe their own breasts to enjoy my blog. I don't object to it, mind's just not a requirement!

  2. When I first saw the trailer for the Abe Lincoln vampire flick, I thought it was a SNL parody. I can't believe it's a real movie. Pretty much the dumbest idea for a movie I've heard in years. No wonder you are dying to see it.

    You skipped out on meeting and playing poker with all the bloggers but went to see the Abe Lincoln vampire flick as soon as you could. I see.

    1. Oddly enough the movie did not interfere with me meeting any of the bloggers as it happened after all y'all left town anyways.

      I also expected a lot of ribbing because I didn't make myself available but I had my reasons and would it really be worthwhile meeting most of these people if I was just going to be miserable and have to pretend to be enjoying myself?

    2. Why should you be any different than the rest of us?

      Ok, I'm just kidding there.

    3. I'm glad everyone had a great time and for whenever the next mass invasion of Vegas happens I will do my best to plan an evening for everyone that will be enjoyable to make up for my absence.

  3. Replies
    1. You'll get no arguments from anyone with musical taste