Monday, June 18, 2012

The Curse of the Bald grrouch

I'm starting to feel the effects of not sleeping, more so than normal.

Today I approached my locker at work, took out my keys, and tried to open it by using the clicker for my car.  I stood there slightly confused when the lock didn't pop until I realized I had to insert a key.

I feel there is a curse upon my head.  I don't think it's possible for so much shit to constantly go wrong in one life for this to be a common thing that others go through.
AC guys came out to fix the conditioner again today.
Sunday they replaced the motherboard (which blew) and compressor (which burnt out).
Within 20 minutes of them fixing the machine and leaving the new compressor burnt up again and decided to stop producing friendly fresh air.
Guys just got off my roof pronouncing it dead after spending 3 hours trying to fix it to no avail.

Tomorrow morning it begins again.  Buying a new compressor from the warehouse and seeing if it's possible for me to strike out 3 times on one issue.


  1. It has to make you feel better that 'sweaty nipples' is one of the labels this entry attracted... Sorry to hear it man.

    1. Sweaty Nipples is the name of a band from the early/mid 90's that had a couple of alright songs but a great F'n name.
      So, my hope was that someone would search for them, find this blog and be utterly disappointed in their luck.

  2. I'd say it's time for your landlord to suck it up and replace the entire AC unit. I mean, it's only going to be 105 in Vegas today.

  3. Sounds like the techs do not really know what they are doing. Its not that hard to fix an a/c unit.