Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Playing Catch up with the Boob Tube

Since going to college I have basically stopped watching TV with the major exception being Football.  As a result I have missed out on a lot of really great shows over the course of that time and am probably still missing out on a ton.  However, this is something I have slowly been trying to rectify by picking up seasons of shows on DVD, Blu-Ray, Amazon Instant Video and watching through Netflix.  

Breaking Bad is currently my favorite show on TV and is probably going to go down as #1 on my all time list of best shows ever put out.  It is amazingly well done, well acted and is full of pure awesome and win.  Last night I finished watching Season 4 (received the package from Amazon on Saturday) and once again I was highly impressed and left wanting more after each episode.  Watching the changes to the characters that have been happening since season 1 has been one hell of a ride and I am stoked that Season 5 (but sad that this is going to be the last season) starts up here in July.  I now have to make a decision to either get a DVR or spend a few bucks a week to download the latest episodes from  After finishing up Season 4 I don’t think it’s possible for me to actually have to wait until this time next year for Season 5 to come out on Blu-Ray to finish the saga.  I love this show and it will be sorely missed.
The season ended so great that I was elated to see things actually kinda sorta work out for once but knowing that there are still a ton of questions to be asked at the beginning of the new season.
For instance we are left knowing (but maybe forgetting because of the awesome finish) that Mike is still alive and had 100% loyalty to Gustavo.  He was left on an operating table in Mexico (isn’t that how all Mexican vacations end?) and should figure to be a huge factor into the final season.  So much more but I’m going to hold off my excitement until the new (final) season begins.

Next up is my #2 show which is The Walking Dead.  This has the potential to become #1 and out of everything I have watched recently is probably the only show that I can say that about. It’s going to depend on how much I love Season 2 (I have the Blu-Ray pre-ordered from amazon) and Season 3 (which I will follow in real time as well instead of waiting for it to come out on disc).  The Walking Dead also has the distinction of being the only show recently that has actually brought me to tears.  No matter how much I love the drama in Breaking Bad, I still watch the emotional scenes with distance and no hard core feelings - but for The Walking Dead I was hit really hard several times.  Kind of weird, but whatever.

Third is the only other show that I’ll probably be watching in real time (week to week) and that is the newest season of Doctor Who.  Yes - we’ve finally made it to a show that doesn’t take itself so seriously.  It’s still got some drama in it but mostly it’s a lot of goofy fun.  While David Tennant was great I really love Matt Smith and his two seasons have gotten me into the show more than anything.  In fact I feel that the last season might be one of the best scripted seasons of any show I have ever watched.  I’m currently going through it again and there is so much that I missed the first two times through it.  References that just went over my head, or references that I didn’t even know where references until after watching the full season and then coming back to watch the old episodes again.  Brilliant, f’n brilliant.

However, my viewing pleasure does not end there.  There are some shows I want to watch but just haven’t gotten around to.  There are some shows that I’ve started watching but have to catch up on and there are some shows that cause people to look at me like “you ain’t seen that yet? you retarded or something?”

Older Shows that I’ve somehow managed to skip (either mostly or entirely) and really want to watch.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel start off this long list of awesome.  Supernatural and Smallville also fall heavily into the rotation.  Those 4 series will last me a good long time but I’m waiting for some good sales before buying any of them (or I just renew my netflix and do it that way I guess.  Are any of them on netflix?)

I have only watched about 2 seasons worth of Dexter which is an awesome show but I’ve never had HBO or Showtime or whatever channel it’s on and just haven’t found cheap seasons when I’ve been looking.  On a similar note I have never watched any of the Soprano’s and I really want to watch that show. I also need to catch up on Damages - and with that in mind I am horribly disappointed that the company that puts it out only released Season 1 on Blu-Ray and the rest as DVD only. WTF? Seriously?

Some new shows that I will be watching soon thanks to Best Buy offering a 100% trade in bonus on video games recently.  Game of Thrones season 1, Hell on Wheels season 1 and Boardwalk Empire season 1.  They are all waiting for me, patiently I might add.  Now that I’ve finished Breaking Bad I have to figure out which one of these shows I’m going to jump into next.

I'm sure there are a lot of great programs out there that I've been missing, it's just that no one has pointed me in the right direction. So, if you all have recommendations just let me know and I'll probably test drive a few.


  1. You can take credit for Breaking Bad - that was 100% only your recommendation!

  2. Mad Men. Damages. Game of Thrones. Supernatural. Walking Dead. Buffy especially Buffy, they all belong to me baby. When you finally watch Lost, that shit me up weeks wondering "what the fuck did that mean?" It pissed almost as much as the ending to Alan Wake!!!!

  3. Mad Men I'm still not sure if I really like or not.
    Damages you accidentally stumbled upon on Netflix so that doesn't count to me.

    Me watching Walking Dead has NOTHING to do with you. Game of Thrones as well since that shit came out after we parted ways.

    I watched Buffy before I ever knew you existed and Supernatural as well so no way in hell you can claim having anything to do with those.

    And I gave up on Lost after 1 season and 3 episodes of season 2.

    Either way - Alan Wake Rocks and I still need to download the new one.

  4. If you haven't watched The Wire definitely one not to miss. Great HBO show.

  5. Looks like all but Smallville are on Netflix.


    1. I've been wanting to pick netflix back up for some time now but I usually don't watch consistently enough to do it.
      I also won't get one of the "disc" options which cuts back on the seasons that I can watch.
      Last I knew Supernatural was "disc only" and I didn't think Dexter/Soprano's were streaming either....but times could have changed in the 9 months to a year that I haven't had it.

      I'll look into it again.

    2. They have all six seasons streaming. Believe that I went through it like there was no tomorrow! Probably in less than a month. I want to do dirty things to the blond one.

  6. I agree Breaking Bad is great.
    Check out The Wire, one of the best series ever.

  7. "Isn't that how all Mexican vacations end?..." You need to write for Mexico's tourism board...

    Mad Men has great quotes - the latest one that I posted on my facebook page: "You have to start living the life of the person you want to be..."

    Are you a Dennis Miller fan? Wondering because of your mention about 'references'...

    1. Coach, do you have any contacts on the Mexican Tourism Board? My writing can only get me so far, I need an "in" ya know?

      Can we be Facebook buddies too? :)
      (this is where I whore myself out to anyone reading)

      I love Dennis Miller but unfortunately haven't watched his show (does he still have one) in years with the whole no cable thing.
      Want to see him live but never have the scratch when he comes into town and 98% of the people I hang out with wouldn't be able to watch him as 120% of his references would go over their heads and they wouldn't get the funny.....

      I'm probably one of 7 people that miss him on MNF

      And, because I didn't realize I typed a Dennis Miller (or it was an accidental) reference I have to ask what you are talking about....

    2. Not a specific Miller reference, but you mentioned not getting stuff in Doctor Who the first time around, then catching it while watching it again...

  8. have to make The Sopranos next. That show was soooooooo good. I keep waiting to find the full box set for a reasonable price. My 19-year old son has never seen it either because he was too young for it back when it was airing on HBO, so I'm going to eventually buy it and then he and I are going to spend like a month solid watching them together.

    I would add Weeds and Arrested Development to your list if you haven't watched either of them. If anybody suggests Entourage you punch them square in the genitals and walk away.

    1. Arrested Development I have watched (I think all 3 seasons) and loved.
      But, I'm a fan of anything Jason Bateman (did I get the name right) does - even that terrible Will Smith Super Hero Movie.

      Weeds is hit or miss for me, I have watched a lot on netflix and like most of what I've seen, but I have not seen the last 4 seasons I think. I have recently picked up Season 1-3 on Blu-Ray for like 5 bucks a piece though.

      I constantly check Amazon and Best Buy and other places for good deals on the entire series for Sopranos.
      I also check Blockbusters as they are going out of business.
      Last one was missing discs and I showed up like 3 days too late to get anything really good. I found all of Season 1 (except disc 1) loose for a quarter a piece but some of the discs looked too rough to salvage.
      Then I found Season 2 and 3 but missing multiple discs as well so I gave up.
      However, I'm constantly looking because I've heard how good it's supposed to be.

      Entourage - the only reasons I have ever even wanted to kinda sorta watch any of that was because of Jeremy Piven and Andrew Dice Clay.

  9. Eejit, I'll check out The Wire when I get a chance.

  10. I loves me some Dr. Who ever since I was like 8yr old watching it and that scary ass music came on whooooooo ooohhhhh hhooooo oooohhh woooooo ooohhh. I nearly died of fright.

    Big Bang Theory? Fun nerd show. Really like Sheldon. lol.

    I watch a lot of crap that might or might not be interesting like Pawn Stars, Hard Core Pawn, Tanked, Storage Wars, etc.. Most of those are people finding shit worth money with a little history thrown in.. The Tanked guys are Vegas boys that build some crazy ass custom fish tanks for rich people. Lot of fun to see.

    P.S. Carmel has such good taste!

    1. Waffles is only saying that to sweeten me up.

    2. Downtown Abbey and the new Sherlock Holmes.

  11. The Wire is good. Luther also but not sure if you like crime drama.

  12. Watch Burn Notice also. If you do get Netflix, I'll hack it and watch untold hours of Say Yes to the Dress

    1. When I was watching that show back when it first came out I had a hard time getting into it.
      The Main Actor just has no appeal to me - and the only thing that kept it even semi worthwhile was Bruce Cambell

  13. I am glad that I'm not the only one who hasn't watched tv in eons. I haven't had cable since I moved out of my parents house 12 years ago. I have little knowledge about tv shows. On the rare occasion that I would actually stare at a tv, I would watch several shows though.

    Criminal Minds
    Law & Order:SVU
    The Big Bang Theory
    Lost - the first season was good, then it got way too weird for me
    I used to watch the CSI shows too. NY was my favorite. Not sure what happened, just not into them any more.

    Most shows I have watched I found on youtube or another website, but I forgot the name of it.

    I have watched all of the original Sherlock Holmes episodes with Jeremy Brett, Hercule Poirot episodes with David Suchet, and Miss Marple with various actresses. I'm a crime kinda Other than those shows, I have never watched every episode of every season of any show. I am thinking about getting into Dr. Who - all of them...way back to Tom Baker (which I watched as a child). I believe he is #4 though. I have that version of the intro music as my ringtone. ;o)

    I have contemplated trying to get back into Downton Abbey. I started watching it, but it just didn't hook me. I refuse to watch any "reality" tv show. You couldn't pay me to watch that shit.