Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weight Loss Day 4

If Anyone is really here to read the diary of a fat kid then feel free to skip down a few lines and dive right into that.  However I begin with this.
I ended up making a special appears over at an old friends website/blog today.  In between paying bills and fending off angry customers I was having an email conversation that led to my guest post.
I won't go into the details that led to this but it's a story that I forgot all about until today and I do love to share stories of my past - especially since I really have very few to tell that are worthwhile.
So, Please head over and check out that post as well.

Now, onto the Diary of a Fat Kid which is what I really wish I was titling these posts instead of that generic bs that is up there now :)

Dear Day 4,

I’m just writing to tell you that I’m not a big fan of you.  Days 1 - 3 were nice to me and helped me along my path but you sir are a dick.
What is with this unnatural craving for BBQ that you have presented me with? What is this temptation?  Why not a nice casual reminder that I can get a salad out of my favorite sub at Subway because it’s healthier, loaded with veggies and has a low point count?  No, there has been no mention of that from you at all.  Instead you have me sitting here drooling over the possibility of a slab of ribs smothered in BBQ sauce or a Famous Dave’s Devil Spit burger complete with extra Hellfire pickles and Jalapeno bacon dipped into an extra heaping of BBQ sauce.

Day 4, I’m not sure we can be friends any longer.  I’m going to figure a way through this day and I’m going to leave you for someone nicer and prettier tomorrow. I hope she’s your sister so that you feel some sort of resentment for treating me this way.

I did manage to survive the day and I do have some points left over no matter. I ended up going to Chipotle for lunch which is something I have not had in a long time. It's a bit heavy on the points side compared to other things that I could be eating but I did the math and I knew that I could fit it in and still have a room to spare for a good dinner. Dinner was also nice with two delicious turkey burgers each with a slice of Provolone/Mozzarella cheese (it's this weird hybrid animal tested cheese that's a combination of both - tastes delicious and melts pretty well too) and topped off with some white wine sauce. I'm actually pretty stuffed from dinner still even though it was a couple hours back.

Today I'm sitting in the break room eating my Chipotle when a co-worker comes in and sits down next to me (chick magnet - what can I say?) and casually says to me "So, day 4?"
And even though I didn't let on (at least i don't think i did) I had a huge smile on the inside that I've got at least one reader from work and that one remark alone is encouragement enough to keep this whole charade up.
Unofficially I've been doing this for over a week now and in that time I have dropped about 10 pounds.
Officially Sunday is my second weigh in and that leaves me with a conflict. If Sunday is weigh in day that means I can't use Saturday as "go bat-shit crazy and eat everything in site to use up those extra left over points" day. No, I'm going to need better planning because I don't want to have to have worked hard all week to meet my goals only to lose progress on Saturday night.

Friday's all right though, right? Well, Friday night is going to be filled with alcohol as I'm possibly attending a going away party for one of my favorite people at work. I'm sad to see her go (but I love to watch her leave.... *rim shot*) but I think she's going to have a blast living in Hawaii for the next few years. Then Sunday I'm going to see what I'm pre-chalking up to a poor man's Stomp - Recycled Percussion.
That last link leads to Vegas Linda Lou's blog where she talked about the show a bit already.
Maybe I'll buy ear plugs.


  1. Mmmmm Famous Dave's rocks! Sounds like you're doing just fine! BTW don't forget that alcoholic beverages have no calories or points when I'm in town!

    1. I'll probably be on an all liquid diet the day(s) that I see you Josie.

  2. Going down a side road or two isn't as bad as long as you are still moving in the right direction.