Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Weight Loss Update today over Yonder

You know, Mom always gets screwed because her birthday is the day before Xmas and the old man get screwed because his birthday is less than 2 weeks after fathers day.  That pretty much balances out enough that I'm ok with it as long as I'm not getting screwed :) (Joking).

Anyway, Happy Fathers Day old man.  I love you dearly and I'm glad you are in my life even though you're frustrating and I almost sense a virtual countdown to diaper changing :-p

This is what I got the old man for Father's Day.
100% hand crafted and been sitting in my closet for at least 4 months.

And this one was just too funny to not share.
Happy Fathers Day to those who are 100% sure you're not the father!


  1. I thought that clock was for me...

  2. Funny, politically incorrect picture!

  3. what the hell is that picture from?

    also what are you still 3 years old making dad a clock. XD. Go buy him some porn like a real man.

  4. thanks son i love the was great it is something that every steeler die hard
    would love to have in there collection.

  5. Thanks son I love You great gift fron a die hard steeler fan

  6. That last picture is awesome. Except the father should be scowling or not in the picture at all.