Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weight Loss Day 7

The end of my first week has hit and the results are in and good.
I'm down to 273 from 277 last Sunday, a 4 pound loss and nearly 10 pounds since I signed up for Weight Watchers maybe 10 days ago.

I cannot give myself all the praise in this as there were a couple of days that I didn't even track because I was too busy being angry and vile towards my apartment complex and all of that sitting and roasting in the heat didn't do any good for me other than remind me not to eat because it's too bloody hot to put food in the system.  The real challenge over the course of this next week is going to be losing a couple more pounds or at the very least maintaining my current weight once the A/C is fixed and I'm not more focused on my impending doom.  I will end up eating dinner more consistently.

So, Baby Step 1 is out of the way and I have dropped below 275.  My next mini-goal is to get below 270 which I think I've only really seen once since moving to Las Vegas and that was over three years ago when I was hitting the gym every day for 3 months straight.

I've been scouring the internet lately looking for good low point recipes that actually look good and tasty and would be easy to make in a pinch.  Of course I get turned off pretty easy when I see prep times or cook times that go over 15 minutes lol.  I'm a "oh, I just decided I'm hungry right this instance and I really want to put food in my mouth right bloody hell now!!!"  That, obviously, has not worked well for me over the course of my 72 years on this planet. (There is a lie in that last sentence).

I like how the points gradually step down as you drop a few pounds even though I knew it would happen, I was curious at what rate they would drop.  Down nearly 10 pounds and the points have gone from 58 to 55 which is not too bad.  3 points is one of the cheese sticks that I eat on an almost daily basis so it's very easy to cut back a bit there.

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