Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Completely random here, but I stumbled upon the fact that before I posted this particular blog post I have had exactly 2400 comments posted to this blog.
So, Congrats to all of you who contributed to that magical number.

Also, talking to a friend tonight this came up in conversation.
Take the phrase "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
I have never read that phrase in it's original context but I'm pretty sure not one person has ever mentioned any fine print surrounding it.
You see, I remember my past and yet I still rehash the same mistakes over and over and over.
"Those who remember the past but don't heed it's warnings will suffer the wrath of Kahn"
KKKKKAAAAHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN  (I originally had 3 K's there but went back and edited a couple more in so that no one would think I'm a racist.)

This picture sucks, the quality is horrible but I am unable to go back and take another.
You see - my company delivered a Fridge to a customer who refused it because it was "damaged."
We sent him another fridge and brought the "damaged" one back.  Let me interpret the information that is printed on the slip that is ever so blurry to the right.

[x] Damaged: Light doesn't shut off when door's closed.

Yes, you and I both read that correctly (and probably more than once).  This customer refused to accept his fridge because when he shuts the doors on the fridge, the light on the inside stays on.
I don't need to add my commentary to this.  You can all ponder that one yourself.

Today I indeed dun did get my smog done for my car. I also got the registration thing done as well.  This took one of my two bank accounts to practically zero.  Good thing Friday is a pay day.


  1. Did anyone ask him the question?

    1. Unfortunately I was not there to witness the exchange - I just got to see the evidence that it happened.
      In my world I imagine that he took out the shelves and threw a small child in there, closed the doors and asked a series of questions to determine if he was going to keep it or not.

  2. That phrase was found on a sign at Jonestown with all the bodies piled underneat. Thought you'd appreciate that. Originally from George Santayana. I'll always remember that sign. It was on all the news stations in the Bay Area after Jonestown. I know a certain poker grinde who would well to heed that advice :).

    1. I'm a bit slow first thing in the morning - which phrase are you referring to Tat?

  3. The one about repeating the past. It was on a wooden sign at Jonestown. Ps my light stays on in my fridge also. I think it's a conspiracy by the power company.

  4. Um, I think he might have just pressed the button? Not sure though... Josie could have jumped in and told him if it worked.

  5. Waffles, with this fridge there is no exterior buttons like the old fridges. It's all controlled internally by super midgets like Josie.