Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weight Loss Day 3

This is two days in a row that I have woke up and actually felt hunger - something I am unaccustomed to.  It’s a weird feeling that I am sure I’ll adapt to and will eventually go away.

Hunger is a strange feeling for a fat guy like myself.  I’ve used and abused food for nearly the past 3 decades after starting my life deprived of it and being malnourished that I’m just so used to getting something to eat at the first even remote feeling of hunger.
Fruits, Veggies, Ice Cream, Chips, something.  Even if it’s just some gas passing that I misinterpreted as hunger I’m used to running to the fridge (or pantry) and grabbing something to fill the void. So, it makes this a bit weird in that I’m trying to keep to a mostly consistent eating schedule and I’m actually thinking about and watching what I put in my system.  I now find myself looking at my food choices and deciding what to eat partially based on how much room it will leave me to eat whatever later in the day.  Yesterday I passed on something because I knew I’d be out of points before dinner.

I do realize that I am currently just playing the guessing game with my points.  I don’t know how much of a serving I am giving myself as compared to the recommended.  However the most important part is that I have cut back on my portions to something much more reasonable.  I’m so used to having a plethora of food available to me. I’m used to being able to eat seconds or even thirds if I really wanted too, only stopping when I just couldn’t stuff another bite in me.  That has been normal to me or most of my life now - I know, first world problems right?
The hardest part, thus far, about losing weight is actually consciously making the choice to eat less and stop before I’m stuffed.  Oh what a glorious day this will be when I’m no longer having to think about that and it just becomes second nature to me to NOT load my plate up full of everything and chow down.  Yes - 1 chicken breast is enough for a meal.

However, the difference this time is that I’ve got a support group and I’m keeping up with it long enough to show results.  And currently I’m showing enough results to keep me really motivated.  While I have an official weigh in day of Sunday that I am tracking I do jump on the scale every day before I hop in the shower and every day that magical number decreases.  Of course when you’re packing as much as I have been it’s pretty easy to burn through the 1st bunch of pounds.  I’m sure life will get interesting when weight loss becomes harder and I’ve got to actually work to drop a few pounds to get to the next goal, but for now it’s all smooth sailing!

As I finish typing this after my dinner (two small chicken breasts) I see my leftover points and start googling what kind of decadent desserts I can eat for that amount I know I have a problem lol.  I’ve survived another day.  The first couple weeks are always the hardest (I’ve read this somewhere which means it must be true) but so far I haven’t had any rough patches.


  1. Think about that canned unicorn meat that Rob posted and you won't be so hungry...

    1. Coach - I would totally eat that just to try it.
      I mean, I'm sure I've put worse into my system....

      For Instance - I tried Sushi once and that was meh at best, probably a bit worse than meh actually.

      I also stomached (and this is the worst thing I've eaten in a long time) El Salvadorian Tamales and Horchata which both were just f'n disgusting. The Tamales had the consistency of a runny babies diaper and the Horchata tasted like recycled warm horse piss on a hot summer night.

    2. I will admit that their horchata is an acquired taste. Let's be fair, I TOLD you that they weren't Mexican, that the food would be different. I even offered to order you something else. You just pouted.

    3. The underside of a ballsack after a hard day working on the farm is an acquired taste - that horchata was just fucking disgusting.

      I sat there quiet because you were being bitchy that I didn't "give it a proper chance" and that I was saying rude things about it and because I refused to order/eat anything else after putting what might have been human fecal matter in my own mouth and not wanting to tempt fate again by ordering off of a menu that was obviouly created by people who lost all sense of smell as a child.

    4. Like I said they aren't Mexican, I cannot say anything about their food.