Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weight Loss Day 2

It feels kind of weird starting this posting before my day has really begun but I pretty much never do things according to plan.
The good news is last night it was, once again, too hot to eat in the evening which saved me some points.  I guess the broken A/C is good for one thing (other than making everyone bitchy).

My system is rejecting something in my diet. I know this because the last three days that I have eaten my packed lunch my system has rejected something violently out the other end.  I thought maybe just a touch of the stomach bug last week because this weekend was no issues at all. Then yesterday it happened again after I ate lunch.
So now I have to systematically eliminate things to find out where the issue is coming from. Today is a no cheese day.  Its only been happening after I eat the lunch portion of my meal so I’m going to believe that the answer lies there somewhere.  Maybe it’s the chicken, cooked with a spice my body doesn’t like.  Maybe it’s the salad dressing and it’s time for me to move on to something different.  Who knows, but I hope to have it figured out by the end of this week so that the annoyance can be done with.

Yesterday I did not make really healthy choices. I was faced with a big fat brownie that I could have just had a portion of but instead I ate the whole bloody thing figuring that if it comes down to it I could use some of my weekly allowance of points and deal with it later.  Five minutes later I regretted that decision but I worked everything else out for the rest of the day and it, thankfully, did not come back to haunt me.  Today I will NOT be making that same mistake.
Last night I had a talk with my friend who is doing this with me and she said that when she has a day like that she just accepts it and realizes that she will most likely just end up eating a few fruits and vegetables for dinner/snack later in the day.  It was her mistake and as such she has to own up to it.  I really liked the way she reasoned it and it helped me to not just say “f-it” and go over my points for the day.

I am also trying really hard to get into a routine of when I eat so that my body can adapt to consistency.  I’ll have my “breakfast” during my 1st break.  My lunch at my next, a snack after that, etc.  Same time every day (except weekends) to keep a routine and if I’m feeling hungry before then I just tell myself that I can make it until xx:xx AM and ignore it. Easier said than done now that my portions are smaller than I’m used to and my stomach doth protest.

And now I finish this post 12 odd hours later as I'm winding down and about to try and sleep in the non A/C'd apartment again. Good news is I'm probably sweating off half a pound of my fat ass every night!
The good news is that as I prepare to put myself to sleep I used all but 2 of my points tonight. I just finished off a single serving of Swedish Fish (again) in order to fill in an extra few points. I figure I might as well use them now when I have them because in 6 months my allotted points are going to be a lot less which is not going to leave room for a random snack at the end of the evening.
Two days down and an eternity to go.

Also, I just finished watching Breaking Bad Season 4 tonight and now have to find a way to follow Season 5 when it airs instead of waiting for it to be released on Blu-Ray.
Probably have a review up within a week if I feel motivated.


  1. Did you list your ultimate goal before? And congrats on your progress - sounds like you're doing great!

  2. Dude keep shitting it out the back.. fast weight loss. Word.