Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weight Loss Day 14 and Poker Bloggers

Day 14 and I've been kind of dreading it for the past few days.  Ever since the AC got fixed I've been eating more (weird eh?) and haven't been nearly as strict as I have wanted to be with myself.  I've also somehow managed to not actually track my food through my Weight Watchers app for the past 3 days starting with a day that I knew was going to be bad.

On Thursday one of my best friends from work was leaving and came in to say Hasta La Pasta to me so I took her out to a lunch of her choosing, Famous Dave's.  This ended up being a good choice for two reasons.  1st reason is because I stuck to a lunch sized portion of my order and didn't finish it all.  2nd reason is because they messed up her order and instead of getting pineapple wings they brought her Wilbur's Revenge (which if you don't know is the hottest wing they offer).
Wilbur's Revenge kicked her ass hardcore as she took an innocent, large, bite out of a wing and then proceeded to be in pain with tears in her eyes for at least 10 minutes.  As a result of this mishap though she got her portion of the meal comped and my bill was significantly less.
After an hour of good conversation and good byes we took off.  I pad the bill and still tipped as though the meal was full price.

Yesterday was an AVP meet and greet plus a good tournament. Being the only night that I'll probably make it out to hang out with all the visiting bloggers it ended up being a good one.  I briefly got to meet Josie, I got to officially meet Lightning36DD (whom I have met before while playing at Bally's but before we were all bff blogger buddies and the such), got to catch up with Rob and Stump (who has a great Houston Texans Tat) a bit again and had Lindy99 introduce himself to me as well.

It's one thing to meet people who I have planned to run into, it's totally different to meet someone whom you have no idea actually reads my ramblings and asks a few questions about things that I have posted in the past. It's definitely a pretty cool feeling and it's interesting to hear people talk about how they started with such and such blog and moved to xyz and then eventually stumbled onto me.  Either way I appreciate it and had a good time talking to all.  Personally I prefer to catch up at a cash game instead of a tournament so maybe I'll try to make it out one more time before everyone heads home and I miss the opportunity.

Tonight is the meetup of the TBC cult of "stop fucking playing VBJ you idiot."  At the last minute The Poker Barrister bought Tony a ticket so that he could actually make his own gathering instead of rotting away in the hell that is Atlantic City and bitching about not having enough money to live.  I'd like to meet up with him but it will have to be somewhere other than the gathering as I have decided not to attend.

My train appears to have left it's track so lets pull that sucker back to where it belongs.  I Diverged from my initial thought process.  I meant to talk about AVP meeting because I knew it was going to be a "bad" day of sorts for my eating.
I knew that I was going to be meeting up with Carmel to talk about the house as I'm trying to hold to my promise of not posting all the information here for the world to see before talking to her about things.  We ended up meeting at Bachi Burger which I've wanted to try for a while now but just never got around to it.
I had a Bahn Mi burger which was the sole reason I wanted to go there when I first learned of the place and let me tell you ---- well, I'll just say that I doubt I'll ever got back there on my own accord.
The Burger was not bad, it was not great.  It had some weird pork pattay on it that was just bloody awful and disgusting. I almost had to spit out my bite of food.  I removed the rest of that and finished the burger.
Bahn Mi is a great French/Vietnamese sandwich which involves lots of fresh veggies and a great taste.  So, when I heard the combination of Bahn Mi and Burger I was like BONER!  Not so much.  I'll stick to my other place for now but I did try something new.
Then at the AVP meet-up it was going to be free pizza - Pizza is generally a lot of points per piece so I only had a few and stuck to smaller pieces.  I tried my best to stick to my diet on a day when I was not going to eat at home nor pack my lunch but I was prepared for the worst.

Today I woke up and assumed the position.  270.4.  BAM! Sweet.  Progress.  I was expecting a bit more than that so I am elated to read the numbers.  This means that I lost another 2.6 pounds this week and am down over 10 pounds since I started tracking my Weight Watchers points.  By the time day 21 rolls around I will officially be under 270 for the 1st time in quite a long time.
And this reminds me....
While at the AVP catch-a-snatch I ran into @KBBT (I think - this is off the top of my head) who is from Germany but spends a lot of time traveling the states playing poker and traveling the world for that matter.  I have not seen him in probably 4-6 months so we spent some time talking and catching up and he asked if I had lost some weight.
Talk about the ultimate awesome right there.  The proof is in the pudding if someone else notices and I know that this will help to keep my motivation up.
I am ready for whatever challenges that this week brings me.


  1. Replies
    1. I wore a shirt that did not fit me 3 months ago - of course that's a win!

    2. Don't get cocky, its still snug.

    3. You do look good though. I'm proud of you.

  2. Come out to the TBC tourney, man. It will be a blast. If you are a little short on money for McDonald's hamburgers, I know how you can get the money...

  3. Yeah, LightNing is right (for a change). You should definitely change your mind about coming out to Tony's tourney tonite. It'll be fun, you'll know a bunch of people there and meet some new poker degens. What could be better than that? Maybe Josie will do to you what she did to me last nite? It'll change your life.

  4. Atlantic City has an OCEAN, but that's hell and Vegas isn't?... :) Hey, don't be so worried about the diet on an everyday basis - social opportunities are going to present themselves sometimes and you don't want to make yourself miserable because of points. You'll do the right thing most of the time - congrats again on the progress!

    1. I love Vegas - it's like my own personal Nirvana :)
      And thanks on the congrats. I'm not worried about the social situations and the points, I'm just trying to plan better for them so I don't totally go bat-shit crazy

  5. Hey Grrouchie...nice meeting you the other night at the AVP tourney...I was thinking it might be your night for a deep run after your 6-5 cracked JJ and AA...I don't comment often but I enjoy the blog, having only read for a handful of months I don't know the back story with you and Carmel but I observed the two of you for 15 minutes or so before I introduced myself and if I didn't know better I would have guessed you were a couple, congrats to both of you for being more than just civil to one another.

    1. It was nice meeting you, always enjoy meeting people that I interact with online via this medium.

      Life life with no regrets and try not to hold on to grudges for too long as you are the one who will suffer for doing so. This is how I try to live my life.

    2. We are great actors! Tell him about the time we got into it at the pharmacy. Classic :)

    3. We both agree we have good chemistry.

    4. I wish I could find the Jon Lovitz ACTING skit