Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Two Hundo

I'm rapidly approaching post number two hundred and while I'd like to make it something cool and interesting I probably won't.  Instead I'll babble on about nonsense.  However, when I get to 300 y'all better watch the f out!

I've got so much stuff that I've been meaning to do but I just haven't had the motivation to do it.
I'm supposed to do a guest post on another blog which of course I jump at the chance to do because maybe I'll pick up a new member to the cult, but for the life of me I haven't been able to think of anything relevant that I could write about just yet.

I'm also supposed to finish a post for someone else and just haven't gotten around to it and I've also been neglecting my blog (or maybe I'm just slowly getting to the point where I'll settle into a routine where I don't feel that I need to post about nothing every bloody day of the year - whatever).

The only post that I really want to work on for my blog I can't actually publish for legal reasons (currently) and so that blows my shit right out of the water.

My Strat Football Season ended with a win and My team mowing through opponent after opponent.
I lost one game in the last 5 to a fluke play and that is the game that is going to keep me out of the playoffs.  So, screw them hippies - I Guess there is always next year.

All the people that I actually like at work will be gone by the end of October - wtf is up with that?
Seriously, it's pretty random that everyone is leaving me.  I must not have bathed often enough.

Here is some music for your soul.


  1. Yeah, we've been HANGING IN THERE, just waiting for a cool and interesting post... #stopstressing

  2. Chris does that mean he's not being coil ir interesting?

  3. You could do the 200th post about your fabulous prom experience. ;o)