Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ahhhh Sunday - I'm not sure if I hate you more than Monday or not but I'll finger that out eventually.

To re-cap - I haven't really slept much in the past two nights because of the 85+ degree's that this piece of shit apartment keeps when the AC decides it wants to retire.
Today is cooler currently but it's not even 9 am yet so I'm sure that's going to change.

I have a home poker game that I'm heading out to that I think starts at noon so that ought to be a few hours of fun.

For Comic Books I read up through Issue #35 of Deadpool's current run (and I bought all of those when they were on a big sale last month) and have started working on the entire run of 28 Days Later (which I also bought as a bundle with a deep discount), I'm liking 28 Days Later so far but it really makes me want to start reading through The Walking Dead again.

Paperwork for the House gets mailed out on Monday. I finally have all the documents and supporting evidence that I need and am looking forward to this whole process ending.
Spoke to a lady on Friday and she told me that once they get the paperwork and send it to an underwriter it typically takes 30-45 days.  Being that i was at work at the time this conversation happened (and on the floor helping customers) I didn't get to ask too many questions so I'll have to do that this coming week.
The story on that:
Thursday I called the moment I got out of work which was around 2:30.  The recorded message told me that the current hold time was "Greater than 3 hours" and if I wanted to I could leave my phone number and they would get back to me when it was my turn.  So, obviously I chose that option. I received no call back.
I call again in the morning when I figure they are open and once again "The current hold time is GREATER than 3 hours" and once again I choose to receive a call back.
After entering in my phone number I am told that I am already in the system and my current wait time is between 1:15 - 1:45, more acceptable I guess.
3 hours later I call in again and am told that my current position is 7-13 minutes out.
1 hour later I finally receive a phone call, after an 18 hour wait from the first time.
This phone call came while I'm on the floor having a conversation with a manager and an employee in Flooring.
A customer is asking for help, in Flooring mind you, and the manager tells me to go take care of it even though it's not my area.  As I'm getting info from the customer my phone rings and I know it's the call back and I look at the customer and tell her "Sorry, I'm a horrible employee but this is important and I've been waiting for this call for a long bloody time....."
I take the call, while chatting I help the customer and everyone goes on their happy ways.

So, it is my hope (theory, whatever) that if the package makes it to the underwriter that means that I am approved and it just takes time for everything to go through.  I'm hoping that once they get it and approve me they will let me know so that I'm not sitting around in my underwear waiting by the phone for them to let me know if I'm going to have to find a new apartment of if I'm going to make one last move before I croak.

I received my copy of Breaking Bad Season 4 on Blu-Ray yesterday and ran through the 1st disc.  As usual I love it and feel it's probably the best show on TV (and am going to be sad when they end it all after Season 5) but there was one thing that annoyed me during I think episode 3.

There is this scene where Jessie comes home from a hard day at work and picks up a meth-head from his living room to head to the bedroom for what I believe is going to be coked-out-sex. However once they get to the bed the chick picks up an Xbox 360 controller and starts playing a game.  Within seconds Jessie grabs his controller and both are playing when they cut to the TV to show the game they are enjoying.
Mario Kart.
Mario Fucking Kart.
Ok, maybe I just assumed they were Xbox 360 controllers - maybe they were really black Classic controllers and I was wrong.
Camera cuts back to them playing the game and you can clearly see that they are Xbox 360 controllers, shoulder buttons and all.
I'm sure this bugged me more than it should and more than it has to anyone else, but seriously.  It doesn't take much knowledge or even research to be able to not have this error.
I finished the disc anyway and enjoyed the rest of it - especially the Meth Head conversations about what zombies were better (Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4, Call of Duty World At War Zombie Mode, etc) and the one where the Meth Head was talking about if enough people were pushing hard on a chain link fence, that the guy at the front could conceivably be squeezed through the chain links and killed.


And finally - Today is Day Zero.
While my diet technically starts tomorrow I have been following it pretty well since maybe Weds.
My first official weigh in was at 6:45 this morning and I came in at 277.  I have lost 5 pounds since I bought my scale last week and am down nearly 25 pounds since I realized I was too fat to fuck.


  1. Have fun in the home game and good luck with both that and the diet.

    Did you see that Prudence now has a Twitter account? Please follow her and send her good thoughts, she's playing a big tourn today.

  2. Mario Kart... You have any idea how many mistakes they make in 'sports' movies?... :)

    1. Lots of mistakes in every movie probably. I usually don't point them out though