Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Day

I still don't get quite why we actually celebrate this day as a holiday where shit closes and stuff.

I'm pretty sure MLK's dream was NOT for banks to close on his day every year because he had a few night terrors.

However, since it is a holiday and all I am going to wish you all a Happy Happy Day y'all.


  1. I think that a holiday that honors a man for his achievements should be celebrated like President's Day - shit stays open. A holiday that honors men who laid down their lives for their country, like Memorial Day or Veteran's Day- should have everything closed down tighter than Christmas Day.

    But since it's a holiday, woo hoo!! Happy MLK Day, everybody!

  2. I've just finished that part - is very very sad...definitely poignant. Don't be depressed, it's for the good of the Beam! ;)

  3. I am still reading Josie - slowly.
    Last week with Inventory completely killed me and I didn't even get a page in.
    So, now that I'm back into routine I'm jumping back in. Hopefully during lunches and a little before going to sleep.
    Lunch is a little more difficult because it seems that people enjoy trying to talk to me when i'm not paying any attention to them at all.

    Last night I stopped at Part 3 - 50% according to my kindle. Very depressing the last few pages

  4. Hey Sugar, are you still reading your kindle? I took a break from The Dark Tower over the weekend but I'm back 55%. How bout you?