Monday, January 23, 2012


That's right snitches and bitches, I'm up to 16 followers of the Cult of grrouch.

Not wholly impressive but I take every in I can get (not something overheard during the AVNs).

So, I do want to thank Gary and Balt999 for being the two latest people to track me down and stalk me online, send me flower and hayweed.   I appreciate it.

Hopefully later today I'll post something with more substance.  I have had a request to give some info on my poker session from last night which I might do if the right frame of mind hits me.

Might also get around to finishing off the The Dark Tower so that I can have officially accomplished something this month.

Yesterdays games were bloody amazing - definitely two great games leading up to the Super Bowl. Now just have to suffer through the Pro Bowl before we can finish the season off.


  1. All Hail Mrs Pussycat - Yes love, I noticed that you are the reason I actually have any traffic at all on my blog and for that I'll buy you dinner if you ever make it to my fair city.

    *fine print* the term "buy" is subject to serge's discretion - it may not involve the use of actual money but instead "comps" words words words

  2. Welcome to the World of Josie -- where ego knows no bounds!

  3. 16. Meh. Half of them came from me! Did you notice I added you to my blogroll? Behold the power of Very Josie and um, cheese.