Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Ladies

Yesterday I posted the picture of your typical "hot" chick in a swim suit.
I suggested that it was eye candy for the guys, to convince them to keep reading my boring diatribes that contain no info about poker but things about working out, and my job and other such things no one finds fun to read about.

Another reader asked if I would be posting some pics for the ladies who read my blog (and even though they are greatly out numbered I do have to remind myself that they control all of the vagina's and thus I should probably listen if I ever want to see one again).

So, with that in mind - This blog is for the ladies.

It's long been rumored that the ladies love the chocolate.  Cake, cookies, candy bars and ice cream. It doesn't matter the source as long as it's flavored with that brown delicious stuff.
Speaking of chocolate
This man has 4 kids and can't afford his child support since he somehow managed to squander the 80 (that's fucking right kids) 80 million he made over the course of his NFL career.
So, he had to take a "job" playing for an arena team for a measly $500,000 so that he could keep making his payments and keep his ass out of jail.
I felt less gay putting this picture up because he is a football player and not just some random muscular fuck-tard from a Google search.

So sit back and enjoy a few sips of the nice delicious red wine that I am providing for you and relax.
Take off your shoes and I'll give you a nice foot massage.
Let me throw another log in the fireplace for you.

Are you relaxed?
Because I've been single for far too long and I put a few roofies in your drink.
Daddy's going to score tonight


  1. Normally it has been the 1st Sat of the month, but it got switched or whatever.
    Feel free to call the room yourself.
    I just got off the phone with them to confirm and they did just that.

  2. This was our first date!

  3. Yuck.

    Hey Grouchie, I thought I read on TBC's that you were going to Alliante Saturday for the $90 guaranteed tourney. If so that guarantee is only the first Saturday of the month and this Saturday is not the first. Just wanted to let u know.

  4. That's the attitude I've been looking for!

  5. WOW. You're good. Very, very good. Mmmm will be visiting this blog repeatedly today.