Friday, January 20, 2012

Ramblings of a fat mad man

There is a lot going on in this tiny little brain of mine and I thought that I should really just sit here at the computer and see what comes out.
You see loves, you are all basically the cheap, underpaid stand-ins for my therapist.
I'm not too proud to seek therapy, I'm too bloody cheap to do it.
Also, I feel that therapy is just you mentally jerking off in someone else's presence and that person leading you to your next position.  Um, where was I going?
Oh yes, senseless babble.

Talking to a friend today and for what I believe to be the 2nd time she told me that I need to read The Hunger Games.  I asked for a brief explanation of the book and after hearing her version of it I said that I'd look into it to which she replied "No, just read it."
Have any of my 3 readers taken the time to read this book (or series?).  I'm currently researching opinions on the book to see if it might be to my liking.  It's a bit over $4 on amazon kindle right now and I should probably just buy it because I'll never miss $5 anyways and that would force me to at least attempt reading it.
But I want opinions from real people first.

Work was brutal today - but not for actual work related reasons but more for personal reasons.
I'm not going to go into any of it because I don't want to bore all of you and send you running for the hills.
However, I do recognize one of my biggest character flaws and that is that I'm just too fucking nice of a person.  I let people get away with murder and use me for way longer than is reasonable.
It's something that I've known for many years, but something I'm forced to deal with currently and it's really depressing the fuck out of me.
My life lately has seriously boiled down to working, maybe having a conversation or two on/through Facebook, browsing a few of my (Very) favorite (Josie) blogs and then having a night of on again off again sleep.

Sleep - Oh why do you tease me? Why doth though not want to just wrap me in your warmth and allow me uninterrupted bliss for the duration instead of rousing me 5 or more times before the dreaded alarm?
I haven't slept good in about two weeks now.  I wake up too many times for no apparent reason other than to annoy the shit out of myself.
I'm tired all the time and once my head hits the pillow I'd really love if I could follow through and just rest for multiple hours at a time.  that would be lovely.

my Billy Bumbler has to go outside again.  He is spooked by the passing of people by my window and he would love the opportunity to tell them in person.  With this we part ways for now.


  1. In all reality this deserves a reply, but I'm pretty much full of sarcasm and non-seriousness right now so I'm just going to point out that I clicked the "like" button.

  2. I forgot to add a link as well - but it appears I just borrow some of your readers between lulls in your blog :)

  3. I'm pretty sure you might have been sent here by an evil en-titty!
    Cut out Caffeine? That sounds like the work of the devil.
    I've read the bible and in Koran, book 1 verse 1 - the song of Moses it definitely says "Thou shalt drink Mt Dew on High and in the depths or face the wrath of a mighty and vengeful Gawd"

    Or at least that's approximately what it sounded like to me that one night when I was drunk off Jeager Bombs and Snorted cocaine from that hookers tit.

  4. I've always been told to read first, watch later.

  5. Yeah - the whole YA thing doesn't really turn me off. I'm assuming that just means it's going to be easier to read than a 1000 page Stephen King book lol.
    I don't know if it will be my next book, but I think it's going to be on my "to read" list. Thanks for the opinion.

  6. The hunger games is a pretty good read. It is written for young adults but if you are into post apocalyptic stories you will enjoy it. It has a ton of action it, mainly revolving around kids being forced to kill each other.


  8. Have you tried cutting out caffeine? If you do that, it is amazing how in a few days you realise how little you miss it, as using it all the time just ends up making you feel normal, no more or less awake than if you never used it, and you may sleep a whole lot better.

    Beware, if you do drink a lot of coffee, you may get a stinking headache the day you quit.

  9. btw thanks for the (very) nice (josie) shoutout. :)

  10. I have not read Hunger Games but sounds good if you want a fun read with a slightly lower audience age in mind. Always good to keep your worries out of your head for a few hours. I have it on my list to read. The kids have already.

    The movie is coming out too so maybe you could just watch that. XD.

  11. Your being kind, loving, accepting and willing to forgive is your tragic flaw,to use a literary refrenence ( Tricia I hope I used this correctly :P ). Meaning it is both your biggest strength and weakness. Truth be told it is what makes you a wonderful person. Those are just some of the reasons that I and others have fallen in love with you.
    I can't say enough just how sorry I am for hurting you time and again. Guess that's what happens when you rob the cradle (teasing).
    In all seriousness love, you deserve the best. I hope with all my heart you get it soon.

  12. LOL Another great post. You is good writer.