Monday, January 02, 2012

Cashing In

Today is going to be the start of another tradition in the me household and that is taking my yearly change collection over to a local CoinStar machine in exchange for goods and prizes.

Normally what I would do is save up yearly and use that money for Xmas gifts or whatever but now that my debt is nearly gone it's not so much a need any longer.

What I most likely will end up doing is getting an gift certificate because that way allows you to not have to pay a ridiculous 8.9% penalty for letting a machine count it for you and I also happen to love spending my money on  This year I do not expect to add up to very much as a lot of my extra money went into a shared change jar before I moved out of my house, however I do believe that there will be enough to make me smile and make it all worth while.  I consider this free money for a me-gift and as such I will not bother to be my cheap ass self and mull my decision over trying to think if I should put it off and wait for a sale or if I should just be sensible and use the money towards something better like Chocolate Lucky Charms.

My only real decision is do I lug the jar with the pennies as well or do I just let that sit and collect until it's full? Man do I lead a tough life. Edit: just got back from the machine.

Edit:  Just got back from my trip. Not the greatest pic, but whatever.


  1. Mine always was as well - I'd save my change and misc bills up until I thought I was near a buy in and then head out - Or I'd save it up to add to a buy-in for a shot at a good 2-5 game.

  2. my change is one of the major components of my gambling money

  3. I am quite sure that they do, however I save my coins all year long to essentially splurge on myself. Going through Coinstar, as long as you are getting a gift card there is no fee - so it's the same thing as going through the bank except that my money is on a gift card instead of in my account.

  4. If you have an account at a local bank won't they put your money through their coin counter for free? One of my banks does this and I imagine that it may be quite common.

  5. Guess I never looked at the machines closely enough to see that there was an option where you didn't get ripped off. Amazon is a great choice since there are so many different products you can buy there.