Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angry Customer

Today I have to find a solution for an angry customer.
It'll be fun - I'll pretend I'm a manager and I'll throw money at the problem and hope it goes away.  :)

Next week is a week of work that I'm really not looking forward to.  The other person who shares my office is supposed to be covering another department because of a vacation, so I get the full week to myself.
That's not the bad part, I've done it before and it's honestly not that hard.  The bad part is that this time they threw me in a horrible morning shift.
5:30 - 2:30 every day.  Well, not every day.  For some reason they gave me off Saturday - Monday.
I think that they were trying to give me the weekend off and somehow just forgot to schedule me on Monday (since I never work that day) but failed.  Which really is good news because I have a dentist appointment on Monday.  While I am not looking forward to that appointment I am also not really wanting to work the day just to get out of it.
I've got to do some soul searching (study my debt, my bills, my financial situation, etc) and see if I can afford to have the 3rd day off that week or if I should just come in and work on Saturday like I normally do.

Dentist - Oh - the thing that makes me hate January more than anything else.
I have to get a permanent cap for one of my teeth.  I also have to lose two smart-tooths.
One I have to lose because it's next to the tooth with the cap.  If they try to remove it later there is a chance it will break/crack the cap and I'd have to get a new one all over again.
The other one I believe has cracked and chipped over the past couple of months, was causing me bad headaches for about 2 weeks and just needs to go away.
I'm going to be old and toothless, the perfect picture of the typical dirty old man grabbing nurses asses and making bad jokes. Regaling in stories of my youth like that one time..... and that other time..... telling the same stories over and over and over again.


  1. play hu4rollz wi TBC and you will be debt free imo xD

    PS sup josie

  2. Thanks Josie.
    I'm trying to update the running total as I make my monthly payments.
    Some months will be better than others I guess :)

  3. Oh, my Shiny new teeth are costing me a fortune at this point because of "old man" tooth syndrom.
    My teeth have always been bad which kinda sucks. So, most of the uppers (at least all the ones you can see) are pretty new porcelain crowns.
    A couple on the bottom are now the same way.
    I'd be f'n rich if I wasn't shelling out all this money on my pretty smile.
    My new teeth better get me chicks :)

  4. Meh that is why they make nice shiny new fake teeth for old guys! WOOT! Can not wait to get mine... my teeth have been a little odd all my life.. not so bad but odd.. gimme a winning smile baby!

  5. LOL Your posts crack me up. This reminds me, I noticed that your debt has gone down to $5,200. Congrats!