Friday, January 06, 2012


Yesterday I took a friend to a local Sushi joint and tried it for the first time.
Myself, I ordered the Filet that came with soup, a salad and some rice
I didn't bother trying the soup, but the salad had a nice dressing on it.
The Filet was cooked quite well and had a great flavor to it. Also, there was a lot more than I was actually expecting to receive.
I made sure that I had all of my food ready and handy for when I finally tried the sushi - which had like shrimp and carp on it or something.

Overall, including the "dipping sauce of unrecognizable colors" it was OK.
I ate my "piece" in two portions - 1st the top portion which had trout attached to it and then the bottom portion which was mostly Sea Monkeys or something.

The piece with the flounder I didn't really find satisfying at all. I don't particularly like fish and it had a semi-fishy taste.
The bottom half with the shrimp and something crunchy (Wheaties?) was not too bad. If I am ever to try it again I might see if I can get it without the salmon and just the shrimp and Wheaties.

I am now off of work and have a 3 day weekend in front of me before I have to head back and help with inventory.  However, I guess I cannot bitch about my life because I just learned (earlier today) from Tony BigCharles's blog that because I make more than $30,000 i am, in fact, rich.   So, really with my financial disposition I would feel it beneath me to complain about money.  I should probably start investing to help with future passive income and I'm thinking Mt Dew stock.
I have not checked my bank accounts within the last few days (which I'm pretty sure are just overflowing with money) but I should do that today because I'm quite interested in getting a session or two of poker in this weekend.

What are everyone else's plans this weekend?
It's a great Football Weekend as it's Wild Card time.  My team practically has a bye which means that next week we'll be traveling most likely to New England (if I had my druthers) to beat them for the 2nd time this year.


  1. since i have more money in my "stock roll" than tony has in his "sock roll" i must be rich too.