Thursday, January 19, 2012


Did you ever notice that when you are engaging in an activity for a long period of time you start to think and act differently.
It's human nature to adjust to your surroundings but sometimes things just kind of catch you off guard.

Take tonight for instance, I'm chugging along reading more and more of The Dark Tower (book 7) when monster, my Billy Bumbler, decides to let me know he would like to be escorted to the outside world for a few moments so he can dampen the grass.

I get up and put on my pants a shirt and a sweater.  I pause to make sure I have socks on before putting my shoes on.  The past 40 pages have been talking about how bloody cold it is that I made sure to be very warm going outside, unnecessarily of course - but whatever.

I'd like to stick around and palavar more, however the Tower is calling me back for another chapter.

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