Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monday's gonna suck

Tonight I have sat in my room for multiple hours doing nothing.
I have no will or desire to do anything.
I've stared at my computer monitor, I've stared at my ceiling, I've accomplished nothing.

Earlier today was better.  I woke up and immediately ate some Lucky Charms, I was satiated.
I then shaved most of the hair off of my head and hit the showers.
Later in the day I watched 20 minutes of the Pro Bowl and then headed over to a buddy's house to watch the Royal Rumble.
Since that point in time I have done nothing.
I have not read, I have not played any games, I have just wasted my entire evening staring off into different directions of space.  Ugh.

I'm mostly not looking forward to tomorrow.
It's going to start with a trip to the dentist around 11 am.  Depending on how that goes and what gets done will determine if I hit up the gym later in the evening or not.
Obviously if a tooth gets pulled (wisdom) then I will not be able to hit up the gym.
But, before gym time comes play time and I'll be heading out with a friend to take in a movie.
A re-release.
In 3d.
Have I ranted about how I don't particularly like 3d?  If not I'll probably get to it eventually.

Yesterday was Poker Tourney day and I spent the majority of my time auctioning off my chips to the better hand.
It was seriously a pretty damned crappy tourney even though I had played very well (I thought) during my time at the table.
I started early by raising TT in early position and betting down on a Jack high board.  The river I was suddenly bet into fairly large but the way the hand played out he told me that he was drawing to something and missed.  I called and he mucked.
Later I did the same with J8 on a J high 4 straight board, but I was the only one doing the betting.  
Those two hands were the hi-light of the tourney for me.
After that (all in the 1st level of the tourney) I got AQ, AJ and AT each once and no other hands worth while.
I raised those 3 hands and missed everything and got lots of action (4 -5 callers pre-flop and being bet into and called post flop).
Meanwhile the rest of my table was busy getting lots of AA and KK, rivering gut-shots after calling half their stack away on the turn and of course getting all in and rivering flushes.

My table saw the 1st 4 people eliminated from the tourney, 3 people had pretty large chip stacks by the time I made my final move and watched my opponent out flop me, out turn me and then out river me - just to get me every single way possible during my fair-well hand.

I will play it again at the end of Feb, it was worth while and there was a lot of bad play involved.
However, until that point I will have to suffer through another month of life.

At work I put in for two positions that popped open and I suspect that I will not receive interviews for either of them, however you get no where in life if you do not at least try.
I also have a meeting with my store manager on Thursday as she is going to tell me what it is that she wants me to do and I suspect that it is somewhere along the lines of 1-on-1 training with essentially everyone else in the store over the course of a couple month time period.

M.Prosk is my 20th follower - yet another roll over from Josie and TBC blogs of doom.

Also, TBC's latest blog post is full of racism and extremist views - also a very bad belief system and it seems to me (and others) that he really doesn't understand the difference between Dems and Repubs.
However, from what he said you have to be mentally ill to vote for the Democrats because they support black pimps mistreating white whores (paraphrased of course).

Last night I drank and had a great time, good night followers. I've bounced around enough for one evening.


  1. I will find out more bout the 10k. I was just reading it on the wall in the poker room yesterday. I think I am going to play in the cheapie again this Saturday so I'll check it out more and let u know. Also u r absolutely right about the old guys. Since this was my fist time it was more learning.

  2. Hey grrouchie - if you're going to be living in the Northlands, let me know once you get up there. I think it would be good to see if we could get some kind of different and regular game going at Aliante.

  3. what time does this Tourney start?
    My current position at work has me working every Saturday - but I can always request off a head of time since I know about this.
    $125 isn't a bad buy-in and I'll have to get a sheet to show me the blind structure.

    Aliante was ok in that regards, no ante's during the tourney.
    However, they went 100/200 - 200/400/ 300/600 and then straight to 500/1000 skipping 4/8 which I found annoying (because my stack was just constantly dwindling).

  4. Once i move back to North Las Vegas I'd like to play in more of the Aliante tourney's and even hit up the Santa Fe ones since they will be pretty close to my house.
    A big piece of doing good in those is just figuring out the locals and how they play I think. Knowing which old guy is going to call you down with top pair 2 kicker and which ones can actually pull a bluff, etc.

  5. Oh year and by the way, Santa Fe has a 10k guaranteed prize pool on the 2 Sat. of each month. $125 buy with all the usual adders.

  6. Thanks for the explain on Alliante. I played both Sat. night and Sunday noon at the Santa Fe. Same format for both. $45 buy, $5 dealer add, 500 chips for an hour early. 40 people Sat. and 20 peeps Sunday. Didn't place in either but learned a lot about those that play there. Only 5 mins from my house too.

  7. life is not about the ending, it's about the journey to get there and as such I am trying to get out and enjoy mine while I have a chance

  8. Love of my life, good luck at the dentist. Spoiler alert, Beauty and the Beast won't have a different ending :)
    You have every intention of leaving retained full time. Why are you applying for new positions? Department manager or specialist?

  9. I'll be in Las Vegas in less than a week. Try to carve out a few hours for some donktastic $1/2 NL play.