Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Not a good way to start the new year

Here I sit
broken hearted
paid to shit
only farted

I'm not sure where or how I managed to mess my back up but it's done.  Yesterday wasn't too bad with just a minor ache under my shoulder blade and above one of my fat rolls.  It was a little annoying but it was something I could live with.
Today started out pretty much the same but within the 1st couple of hours at work the paid decided to work it's way up right between my shoulder blades in that one muscle that says "Don't you fucking move too fast or I'll cut you down to size, yo."  Damn I hate that muscle.

I tried taking some pain meds during work and nothing really helped, I'm sore and i'm stiff and I don't have my full range of movements.  However, I stayed at work for my whole shift and still went over to old man Floyd's house to help him set his computer and iPad up on his home network system.
It was all pretty simple but nothing I could have explained for him to do without showing him. Someone had already set up his router so I needed to get in there and retrieve their passphrase so that the devices could connect properly.
From there I set up a FaceBook account for his wife because she wants to check up on her kids and grand kids.  Good deed accomplished for the year.  Can't wait for 2013 now!!!
The one good thing about doing this is it is cutting the price of the old-man's birthday gift in half.  I'll have it by the end of January but he can't get it until June lol.  Poor guy is going to wonder what the hell it is when he reads this!! :) :)

After that I came home and laid down on the floor for a few moments until I came to the realization that this was a horrible idea.  It struck me when I needed to get up and I could not figure out a nice mostly pain free way to do it.  Rolling to the left and the right were blah and trying to sit up was retarded pain.  Eventually I just hit myself in the belly and followed the motion of the fat-rolls until I was on my side and able to use my legs to get vertical.

Either tomorrow or Friday I do have a $5300 special order flooring install getting paid for, so that's a nice accomplishment for someone who doesn't even work in that department, and the extra commission will definitely help on the next check.

Tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with a friend, maybe a movie as well.  Nothing has been really discussed or arranged other than we will be going out to shoot the shit and catch up and gossip.  Trying to do that once a month for good times.

I then have a 3 day weekend and next week is Inventory Week which is really going to suck, because if I'm correct the computer geek show is going to be in town which means tons of computer dorks at the poker tables pissing away money but I'm going to be too mentally drained to be out playing poker and taking advantage of it.
I must have pissed in the Baby Jesus's Wheaties in order to have my year start out like this.


  1. Everyone has a preference, I just want them to have an innie instead of an outie.

  2. feel better man.. old suck. Josie is a sadist. I like those in bed.

  3. It's ok - I am here for everyone's amusement.
    And thanks for the well wishes

  4. lol funny post - sorry for laughing! Hope you feel better soon. :)