Sunday, January 08, 2012

NFL Playoffs

My season is effectively over with the Denver Tebow's defeating my Pittsburgh Steelers.

Even though the outcome was quite negative and I'm in a deep depression and want to do nothing other than drink and snort coke off of the breasts of strippers I am OK with life and ready to move on to 2013.

As I get older I get better at dealing with defeat, specifically that of my team.  It's not that it doesn't phase me (oh it does, it does.) it's just that I realize that even though my team is done competing for the year I have it better than many other fans out there.

Shortly after the Steelers Super Bowl Victory of the Arizona Cardinals a few years back a buddy said some words that have stuck with me.
"Enjoy it while you can, your team just went to and won two Super Bowls and you never know when you might get a chance to see that again."
He is correct.  He is a life long Dolphins fan and the last time his team was in the Super Bowl was 1984 (is that right? 84 or 85 or something) which put him at like 9 years old.  They had it going on back then with Marino and that passing game and everyone said "Tough loss but Marino will make it back and win one some day."

Dolphin fans are still waiting for that day.

So, no matter how upset I am after watching my team get knocked out of the playoffs, I know that my team always seems to make a good run.  They are well managed and well coached and they will be in contention for the foreseeable future, and for that I am quite happy.

So, when you read the papers tomorrow about a dead hooker know that it wasn't me because I've got friends who will help me hide bodies.


  1. Better late than pregnant like I always say.

    But I agree - we had issues and we were really exposed after the defensive line decided to take the rest of the game off.

    Taylor looked awful the whole game and they never adjusted to that.

    Pouncey is important, but the dood needs to figure out how to play a full season including playoffs.

  2. Those are the only kind of friends to have!

    Yeah, that game sucked. The Stillers were beat up and I still think they look a little old in crucial places. Plus...they couldn't change gears on defense and just let Taylor getting get beaten like a drum.

    Next year, maybe they will fix the o-line. I swear, Pouncey might be the MVP of that team. They are never the same when he is out.

    Sorry I was late on this, things have been crazy. Go Stillers!

  3. Having lived with you and seen the affects the out come of a Steeler game has on your mood I snorted. I hardly believe you have gotten better. I am sorry that your team lost. I was cheering for them. There's always next time.