Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday's hodge podge - Evening Edition

So, I thought that I'd start adding more eye candy for my mostly male reading audience.
The chick above, Katrina Law, is going to be in the new Spartacus show that is coming out soon.  If you haven't seen the previous seasons it's basically Soft Core Porn with blood and violence added in.

Tonight I am taking the night off from the gym.  I have gone the past two in a row which is good, and after today I will also go on Thursday and Friday.  Four days for my first week back in the sweat factory is a good accomplishment.
I'll still find some sort of exercise to do from home, maybe some fat-boy sit-ups and push-ups will do me good. If I can count to ten I think I'm pretty damned golden right now.

I started reading a book today, Alice in Deadland, which I picked up for my Kindle Fire of course. I'm not 100% where I saw this book advertised or anything, I just remember that it was/is a 99 cent book and from my brief glance at the cover and the name I assumed it would be a bizarre twist on the Alice in Wonderland story.
That part I got right, but I think that was easy to decipher.
The part that I got wrong was I saw the name Deadland and my mind immediately went to Deadlands which is essentially part of the whole D&D universe of tabletop RPG games.  I love the Deadlands universe from what little I have played of it - so with those two thoughts I spend the 99 cents and off I went to the download page.

Now that I have officially got a few pages into it (briefly read a bit during lunch) it is more of an Alice in Wonderland meets Zombies type of book - which I still have no problem with and if I were to have known that (you know, if I would have done research and read reviews or anything) I would have bought it all the same.
I am not far enough into the book to give any good information about it just yet, I am still just starting to get a feel for it myself.  What I can say is that it looks like it's going to be a different take on zombies than the mindless killing machines that they typically are.

The fattie that I am is telling my superego to get a beer and something to snack on, the skinny(er) person that I want to be is telling the fattie to shut his pie-hole and drink a bottle of water instead.

My (angry) customer will be coming into the store tomorrow to take care of his issue.  When I called him today I told him that if he came into the store and spoke to a manager and let them know the situation that I'm sure they'd have no issue throwing 10% his way.  So, of course the first thing he asks is when I work tomorrow to make sure that he comes in when I'm there.
So, I guess I should probably prime the management team in advance of the situation and the solution that I have already offered so that when he arrives it's as quick and painless as possible.
Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am!
I love my solutions like I like my women.


  1. Lightning - I do hope that what I'm about to post does not disappoint you too much and that you can at least suffer through it until the end.
    I spent a lot of time working on it (5 minutes I'd say).

  2. Hey -- screw the fair! Let Josie put sexy guys (guys that look kinda like me) in her blog. Keep this blog pure!

  3. Hey -- screw the fair! Let Josie put sexy guys (guys that look kinda like me) in her blog. Keep this blog pure!

  4. yes, I suppose that would only be fair :)

  5. Wow, that sure is some eye candy. I assume tomorrow you'll cater to your female readers?