Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm old, ugly, tired, sore, beat up, tossed aside and I just want to go back to sleep.
At least that's how I feel.

Last week was inventory and I feel like my body hasn't caught up to the lack of rest that it received.
I've got this nagging pain in the area where in-shape people have pectoral muscles that just won't go away.
It feels like the backache I had last week just decided to move it's way up into my man titty area.   Hurts when I sneeze which really just leads me to believe that I pulled something.

I'm slowly getting back into the bump-n-grind of my daily routine again at work but it's the slow season which means I'm pretty much bored off of my ass 80% of the time.
I want to change positions into something more fun and challenging but I know that the huge drawback of that is losing my set schedule.
Football season is pretty much over so the set schedule doesn't mean anything until September again but man, this is the first time in over a decade that I have been able to actually watch football consistently.  It's been bloody nice.  Going back to the floor in any position will force me to lose the schedule.
So, I'm at odds with myself over this one.  Probably just wait around until the right thing pops up and deal with losing the comfortable schedule while going back into retail-hell schedules.

I'll probably give in and just stick to the position that i'm becoming increasingly bored with because of the schedule.  It's so much easier to actually plan things when you know what you work in advance.

In other news I just hit 50% in The Dark Tower book 7.  I've gotta double my efforts so that I can finish this mammoth beast before the month ends.

Now that I realize I'm running out of time and need to put clothes on soon to make it to work on time and not naked I remember that I also need to talk about the home-poker game I went to over the weekend.
Lots of fun, I played the entire time like a donk and got invited back.  They usually play once or twice a month and it will be fun to play cheap relaxing poker.

Someone fetch me my Lucky Charms!


  1. A good first step might be consulting with your regular physician and having important things like your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Then you at least have a better understanding of how worried you shoud be.

  2. Yeah, I need to make some changes and I am coming to that realization. I have no excuses why I don't other than laziness.
    Going to look into weight watchers as a guide - i've got a couple of friends doing that with good results.

  3. I told a co-worker, "I am a walking heart attack or stroke waiting to happen." A few weeks later I told another co-worker. "Even when bad things have happened to me, I have always gotten lucky and skated on them with minimal bad results." About 15 minutes later I left work while having a heart attack.

    Fortunately for me, it was a mild heart attack -- but a clear warning shot. As a result, I have changed my eating habits, lost about 28 lbs, and feel great. Believe me, though, you don't want the extra worry of thinking that your heart could screw up again.

  4. Dude I'm not 100% sure what you do for work but if it's strenuous to the point where you pulled stuff (or Buddha forbid, cracked a rib), you probably don't want to report to work naked. So, yeah, in perfect agreement there. ;)

  5. The other dog and girl in your life! He is very excited because I just woke up.

  6. Yes, monster loves me :)
    practically jumped into my arms when I got home today.

  7. 1 - I chuckled at your numb-letter style
    B - 10 years younger than you or not - I'm lazy, out of shape, hurting like a mofo, bad ankles, bad back, weak knees, degenerative lung disease balding and need glasses because of too much masturbation as a kid.
    3d - Beauty (or in this case non-ugliness) is in the eye of the beer holder - my self image is "ugh, wtf is that.... die mirror die"
    8 - I laugh at man titties all the time too :)
    z - Fucking Eddie died and then right before I drive home I have to suffer through Jake getting run over and bleeding out of every orifice? WTF man, seriously, WTF are you doing to these characters that I have grown to kinda love after 6,000 pages.

  8. I mostly agree with Josie. You're not ugly. I love your face, always have. You're a little old. You're ten years older than me. Josie, you're probably not old. Age is a number, youth is a mindset. Having lived with Duane for years believe me when I say, he's old.
    Rest up! There's a girl and a very energetic dog waiting for you.

  9. "I'm old, ugly, tired, sore, beat up, tossed aside and I just want to go back to sleep."
    1. You're not old because you're like 10 years YOUNGER than me. Fuck, I am old.
    B. You're not ugly.....even when making weird faces. Trust me, I'm an expert on this.
    3. I laughed at "man titty area".
    D. Book 7 gets sadder by the page after 50% complete. :(

  10. Ha -- sounds like you need to take care of yourself a little better. Don't be a doofus like me and wait for a health crisis to motivate you.