Sunday, January 22, 2012

Obligatory Championship Sunday Post

So I still haven't bothered to watch the games from last week even though I have them all saved to my computers hard drive just in case the mood struck.
The Steelers lost and it sucked the life out of me, they were my one ounce of happiness that I had left during this portion of my life.
I know that the 9ers/Saints tilt was a great game with a tremendous ending but I don't care enough to watch it now - maybe during the summer.  Giants vs Packers was also a good game if you dislike Green Bay much akin to the way I have been disliking them lately because of one particular person at work.

So, here we sit, broken hearted, Invested all of our love into the Steelers and against the Bronc's they sharted.

The funny thing about the next 3 weeks is that I do believe that 3 of the 4 games are going to be outstanding no matter who wins today.  Of course the 4th game, that poor excuse to pay some of the talent a bit more money and watch them essentially play two hand touch in a nice sunny tropical getaway, being the pro bowl I 100% expect it to suck like normal.

The 4 teams pitted against each other today should both be great match ups and no matter what two winners advance the game should be fantastic.  There are also some very fine story lines that could exist for the Super Bowl.

Giants vs 49ers - normally I'd be rooting for the 9ers because they haven't been around in a long long time, however that has all come to an end because of one obnoxious fan who works with me, so I've been rooting against them for several weeks now.

Pats vs Ravens - It's like flip a coin and see what team I hate less lol.  Naturally I hate the Pats less even though they have knocked us out of many AFC championship games.  Baltimore is pure evil and their reign of terror needs to come to an end.

Super Bowl possibilities.
9ers vs Ravens - for the first time ever two brothers as head coaches paired up against each other for all the glory.  This would be a great story line if it were to occur.  Also two tremendous defenses and this game would prove the adage that Defense Wins Championships.  In the year where there has been more air in the ball than ever - this match up would make people stop and take notice.  No record setting Drew Brees or runner up Tom Bready.  No Aaron Rogers and the high flying Packers and no Eli Manning who also made a serious run at 5,000.  No, it's Joe fucking Flacco and Alex Smith with two running games and two great defenses.  However, I hate the Ravens and I also have a Raven fan and a 9er fan and having to live with either of them just fucking talking for a year about how their team is #1 and defending champions would pretty much take away any pleasure that life might have left for me.

Patriots vs Giants - RE-MATCH - Oh the game where the Pats have revenge on their mind as the giants turned them from perfection into 18-1.  The Taint bowl as I have come to call it.  Even though the Pats did something no one else ever did (18-0) It's how they ended that season that mattered.   The Pats D is worse this year (and really it's pretty fucking awful to tell the truth, at least yardage wise) but Tom is putting on clinic's and Gronc is truly a beast.   Eli has not been bad himself lately, storming through the playoffs and knocking off some heavy hitters and also appears to have some of that Super Bowl magic back in his fingers. The Giants D is also firing with Osi, Tuck and Paul all balling hard and creating havoc.

Ravens vs Giants - Another Rematch but from the 2000 season.  The first super bowl was shit, it was a waste of time.  One sided and boring and after Janet Jackson's nipple incident there were back to back kick offs returned for touchdowns and then I don't remember a bloody thing because I was fucking drunk off my ass.  I remember that the Ravens won this pretty easily and it really SHOULD have been a Cleveland Browns super bowl victory but life shits on the Browns :)  Also, with Madonna doing the half time this could very well be Nipple Bowl 2

Pats vs 9ers - this game has the least amount of story.  I guess you could play it up as Tom Brady, the modern era's version of Joe Montana going against Joe's old team in the 9ers.   This is pure offense vs pure defense with the high flying Pats vs the ground and pound 9ers.   The 49ers have proved (against the saints) that they can play in a shoot out this year (although it was at home with their fans basically proving that they are as worthless as raider fans when it comes to class - those fucking douche bags) can they do it when they don't have the advantage of the home crowd?  Can the Pats beat back to back teams with top notch defenses and solidify Brady's stature as the best QB in the game (or has Rogers surpassed him).

So, lets go Championship Sunday - I might have actually just typed myself into an excited frenzy.


  1. I'm hoping for the Pats/Giants for a Superbowl Matchup. Revenge!

  2. Man, that Pats/Crows game...just terrible. A poorly executed game on both sides. A pity someone had to win; neither team deserved to.

  3. you are correct sir - I can still appreciate a good game for what it is but it's no where near as fun when you really have nothing to cheer for.

  4. Difficult being too into it when your team's season is over. Bah!