Monday, January 23, 2012

Gym - Day 1

I don't care if I post too much - y'all can ignore most of it and hopefully just pick through the good stuff.

Either way - today I finally found motivation to start going to back to the gym.
We will see.
I'm going to need lots of encouragement for this - I'm not asking y'all to post stupid shit and telling me what a good job I'm doing - I'm just saying I'm a fat lazy slob and it's hard to break that cycle.

Today was the 1st step and hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I can take step 2 and go back.
Next time I will search for the "how fat are you" machine so that I can actually track my progress.

Right now everything I do will be on the elliptical.

Session 1 - 30 minutes - 2.01 distance - 358 theoretical calories destroyed.


  1. As Duane has told me many times during the course of our relationships "sex isn't the most important thing to me" :)

  2. no i assumed it was some woman that was the motivation

  3. I'm a little creeped out that you are asking for nude pics of myself Tony

  4. not me, but the majority of ur other readers will appreciate it if u post nude pictures of the "motivation to go back to the gym"

  5. Oh my, Tony! No.

  6. Run fat boy run! Good movie. Good job.