Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been absent lately.
Not just absent from my blogging endeavors, but pretty much from everything in life.
I ended last week with a backache that would stop a hooker from having sex and it slowly went away and then Tuesday struck.
Twice a year I have to endure going through inventory at work and I think I look forward to it less and less each time.
Back when I started working for the company I didn't mind it even though most dreaded it.  Inventory was a process that started on Sunday and ended Friday. You generally finished with between 50-60 hours during that time span (one of the very few times the company would ever consider giving OT) and afterwards I went out drinking with everyone else who was on the inventory crew.  It was truly a bonding experience.  You all suffered together and thus you partied together after the fact.
Over time things changed.  The company changed, started carrying less inventory which also cut back on the amount of hours that people worked.  It turned into a Monday-Friday gig with 40 hours max.

Then I moved to Las Vegas where people apparently have no love for one another.
To put things in perspective, my last inventory in Pennsylvania the entire crew of 18 people went out to a local bar afterwards (including the manager who ran the show) and drank heavily, played pool and ate wings from 3pm till the bar closed at 2 am.
My first inventory after coming to Las Vegas I had to beg every single person and act as a cheerleader to get 4 people to join me for a few drinks and they all ducked out early anyways.

So, needless to say I've been quite disappointed in that whole regards.  This has helped to make me hate inventory.  Not only is the process long and boring but I now get zero overtime hours and I don't even have a large crew to go out drinking with afterwards.

And to the final straw that broke my camel's sack.
With stores carrying less on hand inventory everything has been streamlined.
Now we work Tuesday - Thursday putting in 10 hours per day and when inventory is over they tell us to finish our shift before we go home.  Find something to do.
Then we still have to come back on Friday to get all of our hours in for the week.

So, I slave my ass away counting and fixing errors that have been made over the last 6 months.  I receive no overtime. I don't get to have a big group orgy to end the week and I still have to go back to work the next day without a day of rest.

Fuck man, I quit.
Life just isn't fun any more.


  1. I'm just getting done with a heavy period at work, so I know the feeling. And ... whenever I feel like work is crappy or my efforts have not been fully appreciated, I look at all the people who can't find jobs or are hurting for money really badly and then consider myself very fortunate.

  2. Once you move away from retail you will have a better outlook on life. After dinner tonight you will have a smile on that face. Wings and beer!

  3. I love Vegas and don't plan on ever living anywhere else.
    I've got a small group of friends but at some point I know I have to expand and maybe make another friend or two.

  4. On the upside, I fed your fish. :)

  5. You surround yourself with the wrong people then if they constantly let you down.
    And money does let you down - Every single time you go on tilt because you lose a hand or get stacked and run to the BJ tables or the machines that is money letting you down.
    Until you control those urges it's the same cycle over and over.
    I hope you can over come it. Getting off the machines will lead you to happiness because you will have money and you will have more of it than you ever will.
    One day at a time

  6. i try to forget my problems by diving deeper into poker and forgetting most other things. (and i guess the same way with machines). People let u down, there are not there for u. i dont feel like my money will let me down. problem is i dont have enough