Tuesday, January 03, 2012


It's always difficult to go back to work after a vacation no matter the length.
I've only been off for the last 5 days but I enjoyed the hell out of it even though I wasted those days for the most part.  I accomplished nada, nothing, zilch.

Last night watched a Best of King of the Ring WWE DVD that my buddy bought and enjoyed most of it.  A lot of good matches packed into those 3 discs and really surprised that they had so much involving Kurt Angle.
Best two matches on the whole thing were Mankind vs Undertaker Hell in a Cell (obv as it's one of the greatest matches ever) and Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon which is an amazing match.


  1. It's not a matter of Fake Vs Real. Back when I used to watch wrestling I enjoyed the story lines and the sportsman ship. I really have not watched wrestling since all the competition died and Vince bought up all the competition (WCW, ECW).

    I enjoyed watching the back and forth and the struggle and the bad acting and everything, even knowing it was fake. It was like a late night Male Soap Opera and I loved it.

    Now a days I have tried to watch it but it's horrible, they push the wrong guys for the wrong reasons and they still push people who should have retired long long ago instead of some of the younger guys who are great on the mic and at working the audience. It's boring and there is ZERO competition so there is no incentive to get better or change their tactics.

    So, when I do watch any wrestling it's usually a "best of" DVD. The Savage Video was amazing, the Steamboat stuff was great too. I really enjoy living the old moments and matches when I actually was enthralled by it.

    I can't get into any of the new modern day real crap. I have never liked boxing, I am bored by UFC and all of the other MMA fights. They do nothing for me. I don't care if it's real, to me it's real boring.

  2. grrouchie how can you stand to watch fake wrestling? I have not seen a wrestling match in at least 20+ years. Your fish are fed grrouchie.