Thursday, January 19, 2012

Along the Beam

For those of you planning on reading the Dark Tower series but haven't i'm just going to come out and suggest you skip this blog posting entirely.
There might be some spoilers ahead that you don't want to see.

Now, after that has been said.
I am starting to pick up pace in book 7 again and am now in Part 3, right after SK decided to kill off Eddie and send everything into a depressing spin.
What I did not expect is that just a few short pages later Jake was going to be violently leaving the story again.
Man oh man.  I thought I felt bad the first time that he killed off Jake - but this one kinda took me by surprise.  I thought that all the alluding to a member of the ka-tet dying was going to end up being Oy as it made more sense at the time to kill off the Bumbler.

I still 100% expect that to happen too, but I'm surely not looking forward to it.

I'm close to 65% of the way done with the book and Stephen King has been saved and that was the hi-lite of the last few depressing chapters.  The inside of the Tet Corporation was pretty cool especially with the sign that changes its language based on the reader.  I need me one of those bad boys.

I have read lots of reviews and chatter about the DT series and a  lot of people really seem to hate the series when King picked it back up after his accident.  Maybe these are more long time readers and more hardcore readers than myself but I am really enjoying book 7 currently.  I remember loving Wolves of the Calla and while not my favorite I didn't have any issues with Song of Susanna either.
Like I said, maybe i'm just more casual.

I'm really looking forward to the next book coming out and my internal debate is whether or not to re-read the books leading up to the newest release and then re-read the rest of the series from there or if I should just pick it up and read it as a standalone.

I'm definitely going to end up going back and picking up some of the other King books that have people and places and fit into the dark tower story line.  Insomnia might be next.

I know that all of the above was just rambling, so sorry you had to suffer through it :)


  1. Hate is a strong word - though I'm chugging along. Just a few more days me thinks

  2. I think you'll hate it, and I've never disliked any endings to SK's books. Yes, I said hate.

  3. I'm curious if I'll dislike the ending like you or like it like senior waffles

  4. I love pretty much everything I have read by King - and i'm sure that I'll love Insomnia as well.

    At this point though I just kind of want to hit on the key "other" books that involve Dark Tower lore and shit, SK himself decided to mention this book as being a key in DT7 so wtf right.

    I'm just starting Part 4 or whatever it's called.

  5. Awesome series. I disagree with Josie saying the ending sucks. I think it was a very good ending. I will not discuss because it could ruin it for you.

    Insomnia is an awesome read also. Really like anything King anyways.

  6. Wanna palaver? lol I read the book a couple of years ago and am reading it on kindle as you know. Enjoying it just as much the second time...maybe more because there is so much information to absorb that isn't easily absorbed. Anyway, I am commenting because I think we are at the same spot and on the commute I was thinking that I'd pick up insominia myself. It's one of his few books that I hadn't read. Personally I like book 7 very much although the ending SUCKS, but I suppose you'll find that out for yourself. :)