Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weight Loss Day 21

While I am not doing as many of these random updates as I would like to lately I am at least forcing myself to stick to updating where I am once a week.  That day being Sunday as it's fat ass on a scale day.

This completes my third week of kinda sorta following Weight Watchers and yesterday I had my first major cheat day which was not planned but just kind of happened.
Went to the Farmers Market with a friend and had a good time looking at all the fruits and vegetables while noticing a few things that I want to go back and check out at a later day because I didn't really come prepared with any money.  The main thing being the Beef Jerky stand - O.M.F.D do I want to go back there and taste some of the wares.
After a bit of walking around and exploring we ended up at a Frozen Yogurt store was which misspoken to me as an Ice Cream shop.  I kind of have a love hate relationship with Frozen Yogurt as I consider it the bastard son of the Faux Ice Cream shops.  I've tried it once or twice and every time has been a pretty big disappointment.  The flavor has been lacking and it usually leaves me wanting actual Ice Cream.  This is in stark contrast to Frozen Custard which I've had mostly good experiences with and now actually crave over Ice Cream (from one spot that is, not just in general).
So, we stop into the Frozen Custard shop and they do have an assortment of flavors that I am willing to try.  They let you get your own out of self serving machines into a cup which you end up paying something like 36 cents per ounce for.  I started off with the Birthday Cake, added in some Peanut Butter, threw in a bit of Red Velvet Cake and finished it off with NY Cheese Cake.  I then put on some Reese's Pieces, Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips and a single Gummy Worm.  Swirled it all into one gigantic mess and proceeded to eat it in the 100+ degree Las Vegas heat and I will admit that this shop has done it right.  I actually enjoyed it and the flavors were pretty good unlike some of the other places I have gone too.

After finishing that excursion I went home for a bit until it was time for my monthly home poker game which ended up being a whole bunch of non excitement. We had 12 people (a little larger than normal) and I ended up lasting near 3 hours.  The table I was at was horrible and boring and no one ever got any hands.  We pushed chips back and forth until we finally combined tables and at hour 2.5 with the blinds starting to make a real difference I was still sitting with about the starting stack which meant that I had one real raise and a flop push in me.   At my first table I could never get anything going even though I was playing in a ton of pots. I'd take down a bunch to start gaining momentum and then I'd get hammered back down by making a hand I couldn't fold against something better.  Trips went down to a flopped straight.  I doubled up a short stack with KQs when he limp-called with ATs.  I just kept giving away big pots to people who were getting short only to have to come back and recover it all over again.
When getting to the Final Table it folded to me and I raised with 57s and got one caller.  The flop came down 68T giving me an open ended draw and a back door flush draw.  I pushed and got auto called by someone who flopped the NFD, for 1/3rd of her chips.  I did not hit any of my 10 outs and was sent packing.
Also during this tournament I had 3 people comment on the fact that it looks like I have dropped some pounds and that right there is probably the best feeling in the world when losing weight - having someone else notice and point it out.  Being that this is not the first time in the past week that someone has asked me if I had been losing weight I'll chalk this up as "not a coincidence" and believe that I'm actually starting to look slightly thinner.  The people who asked me had no prior knowledge to me actually attempting to eat better and look better!
During the tournament, however, I ate two donuts and a piece of pizza - more junk for my trunk!

Knowing that Sunday is a weigh in day it kind of sucks to have Saturday as a day that I do not work but instead go out and have fun.  It's a day full of temptations and because of the way the world works it could easily break all of the progress that I made for the week leading up to it.  Oh well, thems the breaks kiddo, right?

That leads me to this morning and the hour of Judgement.  Last week I was at 270.4 I believe (not going to go back and check).  My whole goal for this week was to survive it and be below 270 for the first time in multiple years.  Today I came in at 269.2 - BOO YA!
Yeah - I only lost 1 pound but dammit that was a very very important pound.  It's probably been 3 years since I dipped below 270.  My next goal is to be able to have that scale dip below 260 by the end of July which is going to require more work and effort than I have put in over the course of the last week and a half and a whole hell of a lot less cheating.
I've got one more bad day coming up and that is Tuesday.  Tuesday is going to be a combination 4th of July celebration and the Old Man's birthday celebration dinner.  I'm bringing home some Tasty Ribs and going to eat more than my recommended 1 serving.  Oh, it's going to be divine!

So, to everyone who supports me on a regular basis I really want to thank you.  You guys make it so much easier to actually mostly stick to this whole eating better thing and continue to lose weight.  Especially the ones at work who ask me about it consistently.  It's so hard to grab a bag of chips after I've just had two people ask me what day I'm on and how it's going.  It also made it so much easier to ignore all of that crap in the break room on Friday and just eat a sandwich instead!  Y'all Rock!!!


  1. The good thing is, the more you lose, the easier it becomes to motivate yourself to eat better. And as you leave the bad habits behind, you find out that you really didn't miss all the bad stuff as much as you'd think.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I hope this time comes soon man because I get some deep dark cravings for a few of my downfalls.
      Potato chips being the biggest. They are everywhere and they are f'n delicious. It has taken some serious will power on a couple of occasions to walk away from buying a bag of chips when all I wanted to do was just rip it open and throw hand fulls down my throat.
      mmmm, chips. I'm now drooling.

      I grew up eating unhealthy my whole life - Fast Food has been a staple for as far back as I can remember. Fast food, in my opinion, is the number one reason that the States are so f'n fat.
      This is the craving that is slowly going away for me even though I really want some Doritos Los Tacos and another Bacon Sundae.

  2. Outstanding job - I'm done with 'work' here now, and my month of torture is about to begin...

    1. Thanks.
      I'm hoping to find the motivation to start adding the gym in a couple of times per week now that I've seen some good progress this month.

  3. Congrats, man. The one thing my doctor really emphasizes is you don't want to lose the weight too fast. More about gradual but sustainable changes in how you eat, blah, blah, blah. But like lightening says, you do start missing some of the bad stuff less as you keep going and the benders are less frequent and less intense.

    I'm like you, with chips being my biggest weakness. Well, that and beer. Anyhow, if you haven't tried them PopChips are a pretty decent substitute. You get a lot of food for not too many calories/points/whatever-the-hell-you're-counting, and even if you eat the whole bag it's not too big a hit. I'm partial to both the bbq and sour cream & onion, but they come in lots of flavors.

    One advantage of weight loss that hasn't been mentioned - the smaller your gut, the bigger your junk looks by comparison. So you've got that to look forward to.


    1. I do love PopChips, only having had the BBQ ones I can attest to the fact that they are damned amazing in taste.
      It's good to know that they are a "healthier" alternative to actual chips and as such I might look into that for the occasional cure to my craving. We all know if you ignore cravings they just take you over until you snap!

      As to your last point - Thanks for pointing it out - Look out Ladies, grrouch is on his way!!!

  4. Congratulations on all of the hard work. Every pound is an important pound. And as a couple of people have mentioned, chips were my big problem too. I had to stop buying them for a while to get out of the crazy addiction. Now, I can eat them in moderation after some trial and error. But, it's good to be able to eat them again and know that I'm not going overboard. I think they lace them with heroine.

    I am not and never really have been a fan of fast food except for the time period when Wendy's made those pitas - years ago. Those were yummy. Thankfully (?) they stopped making them. But, the only time I have to endure fast food is when I'm traveling.

    Keep up the good work. :o)

  5. Good job lard ass.. I am proud that you got rid of one wrinkle of flab and I look forward to the day you get rid of that extra chin. I have no idea if you can do it or if you will fall back on your fat ass couch potato ways but I am pulling for you. If you should fail I can at least tease you mercilessly and laugh in your face (virtually).. so it really is win/win for me... Good luck man! I am pulling for you!

    1. I assume you'll be teasing me because I'll just be in the process of catching up to your fat-ass and misery loves 3's company.

      Also - I think I'm going to work on my Kankles before my double chin