Friday, May 18, 2012

Computer died

Thus will be short because I hate typing on my phone.
Computer refuses to start up, something wrong with one of the files. Now I'm trying to back up important info so I can perform a full system recovery.
Not really happy about this as it's going to create some issues, but as long as I get it running again everything else will sort itself out.
Right now the recovery program is gathering data to back up. It will be nice to start with a clean computer again. Diablo 3 is waiting.
Last night I drank much booze with some old friends. It was like an impromptu Game Crazy gathering and it was a blast.
I miss those crazy fuckers. 
I am hoping the rest of the weekend goes just as well but maybe with a bit less booze. I'm nit sure my old self is capable of too many of those long drinking nights anymore.
Stay thirsty my friends.


  1. Did you call out? I tried to get agile of you, needed help with installs!

  2. Sorry about the PC, I can totally relate, still struggling with my virus thingie.

    Hopw the full system recovery works out better for you than when I tried it. Mine didn't work. It's not like it died in the middle, which would have been worse, it just refused to ever get started. I had to work around it. Still dealing with it. Ugh.

    1. Yeah, one of my start up files evidently joined the darkside or something. However for some reason it was not repairable.
      So I backed up a few things and am now just wiping it 100% clean and starting over.
      This should do the trick.

  3. What system recovery solution do you have? The system repair disks I made when I got my PC a few years ago was worthless, apparently because I had partitioned my hard drive into 2 disks.

    1. Just using the HP recovery built in to my computer. Should b e'er going through the last few phases now and If it boots up I'll have 10 hours of system updates.