Friday, May 11, 2012

Training Day

Survived the 1st shift.  It was an entire day dedicated to training.
Training on the company's procedures and shuffling and other fun assorted things.

Training on the fact that they don't allow break-in's on the craps game and training on the fact that pretty much every shift I work after this will be 9-5 instead of having some 7-3's.

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that at the moment.  I went through a range of emotions last night when I learned about it.  So, I guess things will come down to scheduling for now.  I talked to the man in charge and answered his questions and told him that I was really only looking to get 2, maybe 3 days a week right now for various reasons.
Since I will pretty much only be dealing BJ at this moment I feel comfortable that it will probably happen, but time will tell.

This morning I'm feeling the drowsy, fully functional currently.
I'm curious to see how I feel after my afternoon nap - that's going to be my ticket.

Tonight I deal, my trainer will be my shadow to make sure that I don't fuck things up too royally.
It's exciting.

grrouch out


  1. That's 9-5 graveyard, not days, right? So getting off at 5 Am and then being in your regular at what time? Ouch.

    A shame you're only gonna be dealing BJ since you obviously got into this to deal craps. Oh well, you gotta start at the bottom. Did they say how long you have to prove yourself before they put you on a craps table?

    Anyway, congrats on surviving day 1, even if you didn't actually deal. Since you were working, where you part of the tip pool?

    1. Yes rob, 9pm to 5 am.
      My regular job is 6 am - 3 pm.
      It will make for long days so I'm not 100% looking forward to this.
      It will be nice when I can do both jobs part time instead of one full time, but in time that will happen.

  2. Sucks that you can't get into craps right away, but knowing your work ethic I suspect you'll prove yourself around there quickly. I'm sure you'll have your hands all over the stick in no time.

    1. I'm just happy to have my foot in the door currently no matter what the position is.

  3. "I'm sure you'll have your hands all over the stick in no time." 'nuff said. Get Waffles there -- he'd like that ...

    Reading all the calculations you wrote about had my head swimming. Nothing I would enjoy doing, that's for sure.

  4. Hang in there. Good things will happen. Congrats on the new job!