Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger Poker (part 1)

There are so many different titles that I wanted to use for this blog post, or even subtitles.

I wanted to start out with "You can't win them all ... so crush the ones you do"
I wanted to do a play on Rob's ending for his recent post (which also references Grumps post) which is "Three sides to every story ... Rob's, Grumps, The Truth"
"Poker is easy"

This is the night that almost didn't happen for me.  With the computer problems that started a couple of days back and slaving away trying to make my computer love me again (which, by the way, she does) I had been tired and exhausted.  This exhaustion, of course, had nothing to do with the fact that I've had many late nights and my body still insists on getting me up at somewhere between 5:30 - 6:30 and calls that sleeping in.
So, tired is a mild way to put it.

I started my day off installing Diablo 3 finally.  It's been a journey that I think started me going to a strange site to test my computer for compatibility, ruining some boot sector files which I guess were not repairable, having to erase all of my data and start over from scratch (which was an easier process back when I was rocking Windows 95 and NT and had a desk top instead of a lap dance) and resetting my computer back to it's original factory settings.
I'm just thankful that I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice (I am Google's bitch at this point) because it backed up all my settings and bookmarks to the mysterious cloud where Tu-Pac, Biggie and Elvis hang out while trying to corrupt my data with pot, hookers and PB and Banana sandwiches.  I love you Big E!

So, after a little bit of that I fall asleep and take a nap without remembering that I'm supposed to be at a home poker game at 1 o'clock.  I get the call at 5 after asking me if I am still coming so I throw some clothes on and hurry out there while I'm being blinded away.
I last less than two hours only getting one real playable hand (QQ) and still trying to play 75% of my hands.  I leave shortly thereafter because I think I'm going to be meeting up with a chick (which never happens) and end up at home playing some Diablo 3.

After being my first few quests I notice I've gotten a message from the Grump himself asking me if I was still planning on meeting up with Rob.  I think about it for 3 seconds and ask Rob where he is, is he playing and a series of messages later I have set up a group meeting of the blogging mind at BSC.
Rob states that he has to eat (whatever) and Grump states that he wants to watch some chick named Eclipse dance (more believable) and head out anyway because I don't play often and I'm planning on making it an early night to take care of some other business (and this never materializes).

I get to BSC and there are seats open.  I am pointed to table 6 where I will be replacing the elderly boob lover who is changing tables to sit next to a lovely young Prudence. I tell the floor man that I'd love to follow the old tally-whacker over to that table and purty puhleese put my name up for a table change - he is powerful and makes it happen.  I play for maybe an orbit folding the likes of 82 before getting the call to move tables and get into one of my favorite seats, the 1 seat.
This was good because Prudence (and after all this time I finally got her real name which I thought was cool) was in the 4 seat and Rob was in the 5 so they were mid-table and easy to talk with.

This was the set up. I've got to head into work and I've still got a lot of typing to do including some really bad poker on Rob's part (not as bad as he makes it out to be), some good lines by everyone's part and just a good time in general.  THIS is the main reason I play poker.  I love to socialize and have fun. This is the reason I will probably never move beyond the 1-2 NL games as well because at these tables I can afford to not study every detail of my opponents while chatting up those whose company I enjoy and still turn a profit (at least, I used to be able to until someone shit in my Wheaties.).

I also had Prudence make a comment which leads me to believe she might have actually read a recent post I made.  Makes me smile - I just want to entertain others after all.

Part two maybe coming later today - depends on how hammered I am at work and when my evening plans will start.


  1. I like the mysterious cloud concept...

    1. I am going to have to expand upon it in the future. I think there are some good stories to be told.

    2. I don't recommend get hammered at work. Getting drunk on the job is no way to keep your job.

      Can't wait to read YOUR version of last nite's festivities.

      How are you enjoying all that free money I gave you? Are you gonna blow it on booze and video games and strippers and hookers or are you gonna be smart and fund your retirement fund?

    3. I am looking forward to writing it up when I get some time. Hoping I don't forget too many key details as I know I focused on having fun more than paying attention to the game. I just happened to run hot so it helped in all aspects.

      As for your donation, I have not decided. No booze or video games though. I have enough of both to hold me over for the summer.
      I might just hold on to it till the June meet up so that I can actually participate.

  2. Sir, I do in fact read your blog. In fact I know we like similar hands, which is why I had to call every one of your $10-12 late position raises when I had my bazillion KQ/AQs in the small blinds. Your titless comment stung, but nevertheless, please accept my gratitude for laying down your open ender to my top pair raise on the flop.

    Yours truly,

    1. Lady,
      please remember that 97% of everything that comes out of my mouth is intended as a joke.
      We do play a lot of the same hands which makes being in pots with you confusing at times because it's hard to figure out what range to put you on (did she have a real hand this time or did she raise with crap again?).

      Your night sucked as everyone got there. With that in mind and everyone folding to your raise I didn't feel it made sense to continue. I'm hoping you have better results next time we play together - and hopefully from seats other than my own.

      Also - your "link" really brought a great chuckle to me just now!