Friday, May 25, 2012

Heart to Heart

Kind of random and out of the blue but I ended up having a really good conversation with my store manager today.  It started as she believes that I am going to be leaving the company in the near future.
I assured her that this is not my intention and not in my immediate future plans.
She asked me what my plans/goals were and I spilled them out to her ending exactly at the same spot that they did when I first interviewed with her 3 years ago.

She asked me why I didn't put in for the last job that posted and basically hinted that I probably would have gotten it and from there I explained to her that I didn't want to take on a position that I have not had before (overseeing departments that I haven't worked) with the amount of stress in my life because of my irrational fears that I would somehow mess things up and hurt my current career path because of the amount of stress I am under that does not involve my current work environment.
It was a good 20-30 minute talk (that probably ran me into overtime for the week) to let her know how I feel and where I am coming from.
I also convinced her to let me to come in on Saturday or Sunday for a couple of hours to get caught up so that come Monday I'm not horribly backlogged.

I will take all of this and lead into a conversation with her about getting promoted in my current department as I really love my schedule but hate my bonuses.
Also, they are bringing in a full time person to help out in the office which will make my life so much easier and less stress free.

Now if there were only a way to get rid of my non work related stress!


  1. You know, since it's Vegas perhaps you can convince your boss to add a craps table in your store that you can run. Then you'd have the best of both worlds.

  2. It's great that she cares enough to have this talk with you. Good luck with the promotion. You deserve it. Hope your next install cordinator actually does work. Maybe you'll get to finally see the work log book!

    1. Only time will tell.

      Talking with my AIM all offices should have a DMIS when they are on pace for 1 mill in sales - and we are definitely doing that.
      Probably explains why I'm constantly behind - it's bloody difficult to keep up with everything especially when the stores add extra work onto your plate.

  3. I'm glad that you were able to talk and get on the same page with your boss. I'm sure it feels good to get rid of some of that stress that you've been dealing with lately.

    1. It helped.
      Had another conversation today and basically she gave me a goal to hit for my "budget/forecast/whatever" by the end of the 2nd period (half way through the year for those who might be thinking hockey periods) in order to open up my office for a DM position.
      I think i'm going to crush her goal - but then it's just a matter of doing what I need to so that she thinks I'm the best available for the job.