Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm going to admit that I am really going to miss
Sure, it had a lot of immature comments and pretty much was just a self serving website for the express purpose of making fun of one person but there were some good redeeming things about it - well at least one, for me.

The thing is, following the chronicles of TBC is kind of mind numbing.  At first you think it's a big joke and then you come around and realize that it is not actually a joke.  This is all real and it is the life of Tony.  After you come to that realization you start digging for info from some of the older websites that he has blogged on and you see the exact same patterns emerge.  Tony is a circle, his life follows the exact same pattern over and over whether you are talking about poker, VBJ or women.  There is a pattern to everything he does and try as hard as he might (and no matter how much you root for the guy) that pattern doesn't appear to have a breaking point. It's a perfect circle and there is no derailing it.

The last while I've come to love because it was a well written summary of whatever Tony happened to be posting on his own blog. It was creative, it was funny and most of all it summed everything up in a manner that I could really get behind.
I pretty much never looked at the comments because they really weren't worth my time.  It was the same thing as taking 30 14 year old kids and letting them create their own government where KKK and anal rape jokes were not only funny, they were law!
So, I read for the articles and then I'd read Tony's actual blog for the comments and interactions.

In fact, it now appears as though TBC's blog might end up going to a thing of the past as well since he's experimenting with a forum of sorts.  Who knows what the future holds.

I can tell you I'm looking forward to the meet up in June/July as it's going to be a lot of fun putting faces to the handles.


  1. Some of the posts were wickedly funny, but the irony was that a couple of guys were soooo obsessed with Tony -- the original guy who gets obsessed with things! Too many mean spirited comments ruined what could have been a good thing.

    1. I agree 100%
      I loved pretty much everything except the comments. The rest was well done

  2. I posted something on AVP regarding you car situation. Hopefully Tomys new blog works out. I for one won't miss the other site lol. Someone had a field day over there using my name and even created another blog. Not me.

    I think in the end he may have realized the comments got out of hand and he in fact was making some of them himself under different handles. They even posted undef my name using Tonys photo and that's just wrong.

    Not sure if I'm gonna make it out in July but will be out there in Aug and may have some poker time.

    1. If you don't make it for the meet up then just let me know when you do come out and I'll be sure to come have a session with ya.

      I agree with the negatives that everyone says about the blog and the mean spirited stuff - what I really liked was the creativity that tied things together. The way that Tony's Posts/life were summed up and such in a very readable thought out manner.

      I do think that everything was taken way too far though and as I said in my original post, I pretty much never read the comments because that's where everything broke down to horrific proportions.

  3. Yeah it would have worked alot better without the comment section. I think he got caught up in it and was making some himself. I strongly beleive he was the one who started a blog about me also. Just got out of control.

    I'll let you know next time I'm out there def in August. Wanted to get out there during WSOP but things are a bit crazy now

    It is true that if you go back in time in Tonys blogs they are a reflection of what's going on now. He does seem to be caught in a vicious circle but I think is making a few small improvements.

  4. still a lot more of u need to sign up at the new forum.

  5. Things sort of slid out of control there towards the end as far as the comments and the efforts of a few people to trash things up, both on and on TBC's blog, with all the fake postings and general spewing of bile.

    And to be honest even I started slipping into meanness there at the end in my recaps, more out of frustration at Tony and the endless loop than anything else. I said it a bunch but he won the autism lottery as far as how high functioning he is, so it's especially painful and frustrating when he continually craps on that by repeating the same self-destructive behaviors that often have nothing to do with being autistic and everything to do with being lazy and selfish and addicted to gambling.

    And no, Tatude, not a single fake comment was from me. And no, I didn't start the fake blog about you. I doubt you'll believe that but I have no horse in this race and no reason to lie about it. I have a pretty good notion of who it was based on the IP address and the fact that they knew assorted email addresses to spoof but again, I have no horse in the race and am trying to disentangle from assorted TBC crazy. At least you'll have more free time now and won't need to obsessively check the site to see if anything new has been said about you.

    I think it's kind of a shame that TBC is such a polarizing person, but hey, he's autistic. I think it's a shame that it's so hard to keep tabs of all his past exploits now but hey, he's autistic. It's too bad that he's caught in the same death spiral and not getting the help he needs but hey, he's autistic.

    Thanks for reading and for the kindish words and for seeing what I was going after before things kind of morphed into a pile of mean dung there towards the end.

  6. Blackpimp no I don't really believe you but it doesn't matter. At least you won't need to obsessively follow Tony or come up with smartass comments about me anymore. Strange that the other blog and your site closed the same day. It was also obvious that imposter comments were made minutes after you made a post based on the time stamp but of course they weren't you lol.

    You wanted my attention and you got it. For the life of me I don't know why you fixated on me the blog was about Tony. I'm used to it tho as I stick up for him on occasion. And yes I am dum but I don't need no brane to make my scratch. Maybe a little smarter than you thought.

    Anyway don't want to tie up Grrouchies blog with trash. He's a nice guy and doesn't need to be in the middle of this. I'm sure you can track me down if you have more to say. It's easy to find people if you know how to do it.


    1. Again, I have no horse in the race. I realize that it's much easier to blame me than someone from the dysfunctional TBC family for all that mayhem so sure, fine, it was all me.

      You realize that saying "Gee, sorry for hijacking the thread to talk about myself again" doesn't really change the fact that you hijack every thread to talk about yourself, right? Kind of odd behavior for someone so concerned about the welfare of the TBC.

      Like I said, good luck everyone. Hope Tony gets the help and support he needs.

    2. Pimp,

      Everyone knows you are slime. You can beg and plead and send emails, but it is obvious to everyone you are scraped from the bottom of the barrel.

      You can't blame everything on a comments section you let run out of control, because much of the filth came directly from your mouth.

      Tony being wrong doesn't excuse anything you do. I doubt anything you do could make up for the bad you have caused. It's just not in you to be decent. When confronted about the harm you caused, you only react with more bile and hatred.

  7. Tat says Don't hate.....Appreciate.

    Dude don't be so hung up on me. Just crawl back into your hole or go stalk Tony on his new site. I'm a private person, not looking for attention but you wouldn't know that as you don't know the real me. I think youre the one crying out for attention that's why you started your blog. Just keep my name outta your mouth and you'll have no worries.

    I really don't care too much what Tony does with his life. It's his and it had ZERO effect on mine. What he does is his biz. Ive given him what advice I can and stick up for him once in awhile when he's getting bullied by the idiots out there. He a grown man and can do what he wants. You me or anyone else are not gonna change that. I wish him well but not gonna try to run his life.

    Lookin foward to another witty comeback from you. If not take care of yourself, hope you find a new hobby.