Saturday, May 05, 2012

What's a Brother To Do

While I did not want to go to work today it was 100% necessary.  So, that leaves me with Sunday being my only day off.
So what to do? What to do?

I really have the urge to go watch the Avengers tonight but I have run into a snag in my planning phase.  The only two people I want to see the movie with are both busy working.  WTF?  I have what is going to be a rare evening off and everyone else is avoiding me by going to work.  Whatever, their loss.

Ok - so I really don't want to go alone which means that I will now NOT be seeing this movie for a while.
What next?  Well Vookenmeister is in town, or at least will be, so depending on whether or not he is heading out for a night of poker after being on a plane for way too many hours I might take this opportunity to go meet up with another fellow online blog-writing poker-playing type-o-guy.

Shout out to F-tothe-BOY for being my regular International reader!
Also thanks to Vook for following my blog.

Now, for something I've been meaning to touch on for a while.
It has come up from Rob that when someone follows your blog you get the inflated ego of having another follower of your cult (these are my interpretations of his words - I think it's better that way).  It's a gratifying way to look at things in a certain perspective of "oh I got this many followers" instead of looking at it from other directions (hits per day or week or month or whatever).  We all know that the great TBC really cares about the number of followers that he has because I've seen him comment before that "I've got more followers than Josie and Grump" or something like that. However, we all know that NOBODY has more followers than Grump.  He is too good at his craft and has been around for too long - he is our (our in the sense of this little community of semi-poker bloggers) Norm for all intents and purposes.
So - yes, I love when I get a new "follower" who took the time to hit that follow button even though I know that some of these people have been following for a while just without doing it publicly.

But, what does the Follower get? That is Robs question.
Well, personally the pleasure that I get most out of following others is supporting our little community. Even if I don't visit every day/post or comment all the time I know that I am supporting others and when someone pulls up my profile they will get a list of sites that I follow.  Not all of these go in my blogroll.
My blogroll is dedicated (or was, or should be, or will be again if I stop being so lazy) to the people that I think deserve the most attention and the people whom I visit the most often.  But, I follow a ton of blogs that probably will never go into my blogroll for various reasons.  Most of them are poker-related or people that I know in real life and want to give them more readers if possible.
I probably won't have the chick who gives out the adult massages in my blogroll, but I still read every time a new post is up.
Which is another advantage for the 'follower' as well.  Blogger has this great tool that shows me a list of all of the most recent posts from the fine folks that I'm following.  So, my daily routine is to pull that up and scroll through the new posts to get where I want to go.  It's nice, it's simple and it's convenient.

I know that I'm not going to be able to keep blogging daily like I have been. My schedule is about to become too hectic and I'm going to be needing most of my free time to nap so that I don't die from lack of sleep.  I'm going to try to get a post in about 3 times per week but I can't promise much at this point.
It's all going to depend on how many doubles I end up having to work between my full time retail job and my "part time" casino job.
Part time in quotes because I was told I'd probably be stuck doing 4 days a week for all of May.  I sure hope they don't get pissed when I start hitting up the EO list!  72 hours a week is no simple thing for an old lazy bastard like myself.


  1. Defintely recommend The Avengers, its an awesome movie.

    I think that if you follow a blog, you should get a special "welcome follower" video pop up personalized with your name on it whenever you go to that blog. It should also include a picture or video of a really hot, semi-naked person of the gender your prefer (to be fait to female followers, of course--Josie could get a some hunky guy, I would get a gal with...well, you know).

    Definitely Google should work on that for Blogger.

  2. whyd u leave my table on BCP and disappear when i asked why u didnt add me there? i see u left broke too.

    1. I was playing 2 tables - After my AK lost to the Fish :) I decided to just focus on the other table until I doubled up and finished with a profit for the evening.

  3. Haven't started yet and you're already worrying about early-outs - I like your style...

    1. I like to be prepared for every scenario possible lol.

      I do not play on actually taking any EO's, much like I don't plan on eating anything but salads at the employee provided eating area! But you never know.