Thursday, May 24, 2012

83 Year old Corpse Holds the Secrets to the Universe

All praise be to Allah or whomever you wish to praise on this miracle of mornings.
A part time gynecologist has determined that while peeling back layer upon layer of skin from the corpse of an 83 year old's vagina that he has found this magical G-spot that makes women act the fool and lose control of themselves for a few moments.

Yes, you read that right (and if you have used Google as much as I have in the past hour or so you would have read that right a few hundred times).

This man flew to another country where it's perfectly acceptable to discect dead vagina's so that he could study it and look for the G-spot.

This just goes to prove that gyno's are made differently than most because I for one am perfectly happy looking for the G-spot in a 20 something year old's without having to actually remove flesh (you know, unless I didn't clip my nails properly that particular day).  And I can do this all from the comfort of my own country, wherever I happen to be at that moment!


  1. I'm glad you learned one thing from our relationship. Trimmed nails are very important.

  2. It makes me happy that your blog now has a label for "G-Spot."

    1. Chuck,
      I'll try to use it a few more times to keep your happiness level up when coming to my neck of the woods.