Monday, May 21, 2012

Blogger Poker (Pt 2)

As Poker Grump said several times during our session "Poker is easy."
And yes, it certainly is when you are being run over by the deck.

In the 1st Installment of last nights tomfoolery I covered most everything except the actual poker itself.  And, since at one point I used to claim that this is/was a Poker Blog I figure that I at least owe it to myself to blog about poker when I get around to playing some.

However, because I'm easily side tracked, I'd like to share a short story before I get to the actual poker.
I discovered, after being made fun of by my trio of cohorts, that there is a bathroom much closer than the one I'm used to hitting up.  They all pointed and said "You know, with a casino as big as this there are bound to be more than one bathroom."  So, next time I had to talk to a man about a horse I made my way over to this new found pissing spot to enjoy the "more comfortable" accommodations.

While doing what it was that I came to do and making erotic faces (don't we all?) I got to overhear the end of a conversation from two buddies who enjoy pissing together.  As the one finished he started making sure everything was tucked back into place and turned to his buddy and said "You know, I'm not washing my hands this time" to which his buddy replied "Well me neither."
Then they left the room, comments fulfilled.
This was humorous to me mainly because this is a conversation that I have never had, nor ever thought about having with friends.  If I choose to not wash my hands I don't feel the need to announce it in advance to anyone, let alone a room full of total strangers with dick in hand.
And, the fact that his buddy thought it was a good enough of an idea to go along with perplexes me.  This, to me, is the perfect time to rip your buddy a new asshole and try to embarrass him.

Now, for what you all came for.

Upon arriving at the casino I was immediately seated at table 6 and requested my table change to follow "that old man right there."
Rob got called for his table change and I was taking his seat.  Not too long later my wish was granted and I'm now sitting at a table with two people I am familiar with and who I know I'll have a good evening talking to.

My goal was to play tight and try to not get involved in too many pots. I only brought one buy-in and I really wanted to last at least until the Grump showed up (he was taking his time to photograph the eclipse).
So, all of that goes out the window when I see my first hand is QQ (1st of many times for the evening) and I raise it up to $17 I believe.  No callers but Rob made sure to grumble about me raising (after he limped I believe) so I made my typical comment about "Doesn't everyone raise their first hand" to which he replied "Well, you sure as hell do."
After the fold around I showed my hand and said "Sometimes I even have a hand when I raise" or something to similar effect.
The night picked up quickly as I called a small raise with 88 and 5 or so people went to the flop.  The flop came out a beautiful J83 with two spades.  (I feel horrible here because I don't remember 100% exact details).  I believe that Prudence put out a bet which I think got a caller.  When it got to me I decided that 1) the board was too draw heavy and 2)I want to let Prudence know where I stand so I 3) raised.  I believe that Guy X called the raise and then Prudence pushed.  It folded to me and I announced that I have no choice but to call which but a look of dread on the face of Dear Prudence.
Guy X was not very happy about this situation and folded.  It appears as though everyone and their mother hit this flop and sadly it was Prudence and I who hit the hardest.
I flipped over my middle set and she showed her top 2.  Guy x claimed to have J9 of spades (which would have gotten there on the turn) and another guy said he had AJ.
My hand holds up and Prudence announces that she will be gunning for me.

Not too long after this my favorite dealer comes to the table.  Tall, bald and good personality.  He gives Prudence some cough drops and I let him know he needs to share.  Next thing I know I've got two beside my chips and I'm a happy camper.
Kirk settles in and deals me 8-4 of spades in the big blind and I check when a lot of people limp.  The flop comes out all goddamned pretty with a 4, a second 4 and then finally and 8.  Yes, the grrouch flopped himself a boat.
I checked and either Random person bet and Rob raised or Rob bet - I don't remember. I must be getting old. It got back to me and I raised and Rob called.  I was not quite happy about this.
The turn came out something to which I paid no attention to and so I put out a hefty bet.  Rob thought about it and I told him that he just needed to go away because my next bet, on the river, was all in no matter what fell next.
Prudence looked at the board and had flashbacks of the nasty 8's that I held against her and gave me a look. I shrugged like "yeah, I've got it" and Rob finally called.
The River was shown and I pushed much like I said I was going to expecting Rob to just go away after my HUGE sign of strength (the betting, the talking, the basically stating out loud I hit harder than you did buddy) and I showed my boat.  Rob flipped over his trips as well and I do understand that it's bloody difficult to get away from that hand.
Less than 30 minutes and a triple up - sadly all off of my friends and basically none off of anyone else.
However, my main happiness was that I knew was going to book a winning session and I could just play tight and wait for hands and just talk and have fun.
Whatever - shit doesn't go down like that.
I was dealt about 30 pocket pairs all night long, I saw a ton of flops with them and I hit a few sets.

The rest of my night was similar and I avoided big losses against an over pair and against flopped quads (where the guy checked every street to me).
I hit 4 total sets and stacked two people.
I flopped a boat and stacked someone.
I turned a boat and stacked someone.
And I won a bunch of other random pots where I didn't get the opportunity to stack people.

During the evening we had one had that was raised to $7 either UTG or UTG+1 and everyone at our table called it and I think 4 people from other tables called it as well.  It got to Rob in the big blind and I told him that pot odds dictates he has to make this call.  he agonized for some reason and eventually folded and I told him that I couldn't want to get home so that I could make fun of him.
Of course the flop comes out and he grimaces like he would have nailed it and tripled up or whatever so I made sure to let him know was only $5 more and he has very poor decision making!!!

Grump called a PFR from Prudence with The Most Powerful Hand in Poker and flopped trips and took a pretty good pot off of her (This is a theme that ran strong most of the evening with her.  She kept getting really good second best hands).

Overall a pretty fun and entertaining evening with a huge score by me.  Now I have to figure out what to do with all this new found wealth.
Should I invest it in hookers and blow?
Should I get a massage with a happy ending?
Should I get an unhappy ending?
Should I invest it in my future (A new computer with a kick ass graphics card to play Diablo 3 on)?
Should I get it in all ones so that my wallet looks bigger and I can attract the chicks?
Should I pay someone to sit behind me at the poker table and call me baby?
I do not know the answers to any of these important questions.


  1. It's awesome when people from other tables call... :) Congrats!

  2. Don't you just love it on those night when the game just comes to you and every decision seems easy?

    1. Don't you just hate that they are so rare and far between?

      But yeah, somedays you don't have to do anything but put your money in and get paid off.

  3. Sounds like it is time to hit the VBJ machines!

    1. Good Idea - I'll pretend to ask Tony where I can find a good one.

  4. Save some of that $$ for next month. You'll need it. :)

    1. Yes Josie, I hear it takes a lot of beers and ones to get your top off :)

  5. 1. On the Mens room incident, I suspect huge amounts of alcohol were previously consumed, so that might explain why it seemed like a good idea to agree not to wash hands.

    2. On the early hand where you busted Prudence, the guy who said he had AJ was me. I don't remember when I folded but I did get away fairly cheaply.

    3. On the hand where I gave you your birthday presents for the rest of your life, I was the Big Blind, not you sir. That's the only way I'm in with 6-4 off. And you're welcome.

    4. On the hand where I didn't call when everyone including Tony, Lightning, Gary, Waffles and the Pope called a small raise, the flop most definitely did NOT hit me. Missed me totally, it was a good fold on my part. My thinking was the flop would have hit me with trips, but since you were also in the hand, you would have flopped a boat and stacked me again. No thanks.

    5. Tonite, Prudence was at her most Prudencey, and you missed it. She will have the mother of all hangovers tomorrow. Oddly enough, the drunker she got, the better she played, and ended up winning without stacking me! Take that a a lesson for you. And btw, she was not happy about the cheapshot you gave her the previous nite. Just so you know.

    1. Ignoring all others I realized from the moment I made my joke that it didn't go over well.
      My bad. That's why I tried to apologize right away.
      Lesson learned.

      I'm glad you two had a good session and if either of you know something I can do to make up for my remark (other than stacking off :) then please tell me.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. What did you say to upset her? Also I'm surprised that she is sensitive to anything. She's outrageous. Can't handle the heat?

    4. I said something that was uncalled for.
      What specifically was said is none of your business or anyone else's for that matter.
      I didn't answer your text when you asked and I won't answer here.

    5. I love when you talk all sternly.

    6. You always did want me to be more forceful

    7. Rough isn't the same thing.

    8. Rough, it isn't the same thing ;)

  6. Sounds like it was quite the fun time!

    1. Glenn, it was an absolute blast. Next time we do it, you HAVE to join us. That is not open for discussion.

    2. Rob, pretty soon it will be all locals or regulars and some of us are going to have to admit to being table fish.

      My blog is aptly titled and I fess up

    3. When we have enough loco's and regs to fill a table, we will have to split into at least two tables so have the players will be drunky, fishy tourists.

  7. Obviously the nerd in me say "A new computer with a kick ass graphics card to play Diablo 3 on"!!

    1. My inner nerd agrees but is aware that it would take probably double what I won to build it the way I'd want.

    2. Ask Rob to play against you again. XD.

  8. Good job at the table and good recap.