Monday, May 14, 2012


It's like 10 thousands forks when all you need is a bike.
I never understood that crazy bitch.

By this point most everyone I deal with on any type of a regular basis knows that I quit the casino job for various reasons, one being my mental well being.  Every time I had to talk about it I felt like shit and way too late I realized I should have just made up some cue cards or something and handed them to people when they started asking questions.

This evening I was doing something - playing on Facebook or reading Volume 1 of The Walking Dead - and received a call from a buddy who was going to his second Craps Audition tonight.  He outright nailed his first and the floor person kept him on the game for almost a full shift.  However, he had one big stumble right at the end which was really him just over thinking something.  Minutes after the fact he could ramble off every bloody thing he did wrong and what every payment was supposed to be on that last roll.  He knew he blew it and it bugged the shit out of him.

Tonight he gives me the call a few hours before his audition just to solidify some stuff in his mind.  There was one particular bet that he just wasn't wrapping his mind around this evening and he wanted to hash it out with me.  After about 15-20 minutes I felt very confident that he had it down and was just nervous and over thinking things because he didn't want to fail a second audition.  I have 100% confidence that he will call me either tonight or tomorrow to tell me that he nailed it and was offered the job on the spot.

I'm looking forward to that conversation, I really am.

I finally decided to start reading The Walking Dead comics and I'm really loving them.  I bought them right before Season Two started to air as they were finally released digitally and Comixology was running a sale.  Having never watched any of the show I decided I wanted to read a bunch of the comics before doing that.  This way I could have the original and then follow along with the show as well.
After the first volume I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying the shit out of them.  The all black-n-white at first felt cheap to me but now I'm good with it.  The story has been good and very character driven instead of action driven and that's nice and refreshing.  The more I read the more I want to keep reading.  At the end of each book I want to just dive into the next.  Within the next week or so I'm going to sit down with Season 1 on Blue Ray and burn through that as well.

I need to buy some new beer because all the stuff I have went out of date around December.  Sure, it hasn't gone bad yet but it doesn't have that same great taste that I'm used to.
I also need to go over to my buddies house and get my bottle of Jaeger out of his freezer and put it in my belly!


  1. I've always hated that Alannis Morrisette song. Exactly ZERO of the things in that song are ironic. They're all unfortunate, but not ironic. I've never read the Walking Dead comics, but I've really enjoyed the TV series.

    1. Probably because it was part of my generation - but I really loved that whole album of hers, including that song. Even if she had a long horse face and didn't understand irony - didn't matter to me.

      I mean, shit, at one point during her career she was God - and I kinda liked that she gives BJ's in theaters!

    2. I didn't hate the album and I think Dogma is probably my favorite Kevin Smith movie. My then girlfriend loved her and played the Jagged Little Pill album nearly every time we were in the car. I remember hearing "You Oughta Know" for the first time on the radio when I was on my way home from golfing one Saturday and it was before they started editing every slightly questionable thing out of songs. When she said "Does she go down on you in a theater?" I was like...nah...I misheard that. Then she said, "Are you thinking of me when you fuck her." And I was like...nope, I think I heard that first part correctly.

      Wasn't the subject of that song Dave Coulier of Full House fame?

    3. I dunno who the song was about - but if it was about Dave Coulier that would be cool. That poor guy has nothing since full house

  2. Hey man good luck with things. The schedule sounded like it would have been nuts. Hope everything is well with you.

    1. Everything is going pretty good lately.
      Driving my own car AND the driver side window rolls down now. My breaks are no longer dangerously thin - so I guess that's a plus but does take part of the adventure out of driving the freeway every day.

      I'm trying to be a bit more out going and meeting up with friends a bit more to enjoy the finer points of life - Like heavy drinking and foreplay (one of those is a joke sadly).

      I'm on the right track - I just gotta keep working it.

  3. Please do not throw your old beer away, use it to make borracho beans mmmmgd, use it to marinate chicken, beef or pork, you do cook rite?

    1. I've never been a good cook - though I suppose I could try a few recipes that involve beer.

      I grew up with Hungry Man and microwave crap and as a result my culinary efforts have suffered greatly.

  4. put 1 beer,1 jar chunky spagetti sauce,1 chicken shredded in a crock pot eight hours...serve over noodles...