Saturday, May 19, 2012

Guess Who Be Back

The good news is that I've got the computer up and working again.
The better news is that the last couple of days have been really great to me.

It started the other night when I took out a friend as it was her last night in town.  Plan was to hit up a local drinkery and consume mass quantities of adult beverages and just have a really good evening.  I picked her up around 7 and we headed out, my plan being that I would stumble home around 11 or so.

This friend worked with me when I ran the Game Crazy over on Decatur and Flamingo, she worked on the Hollywood side.  We were having another one of my co-workers at the time meet us over after a while for some good times. At this point I figure'd that we might as well just push it to the max and I sent a text (no one ever fucking calls any more) to another of our co-workers asking if he was working and if not, would he love to drink.
Around 10 he says was was working but just got off and asked if we'd be out for a while.  I have not seen this guy in a while so there is no reason to stop drinking now, I tell him the night is young and to get his ass over here.

It was this time that another friend got a hold of me and I invited her over as well.  There were like 95 of us (you know, if you get rid of the 9 and are only left with the 5) and good times were had by everyone.  I drank a good deal and finally stumbled home at about 2:30 having to wake up at 4:30 to start getting ready for work.

After work I took a power nap because I had plans for that evening as well.  I was meeting up with Jennifer Gay and taking her over to a local comedy show that plays every Friday night.  She, obviously, was in fear for her life and invited a poker dealer from the Bellagio to come along with us to make it a menage-a-tryst or whatever and the evening proceeded.
Sensing that I might be unstable she did make a Facebook post informing all of her friends that she was heading out with someone she never met and if she were to end up missing or dismembered that they were all to write nasty things on my timeline.  That's forward thinking on her part.

A little bit before I drove over to pick her up (You know, because she doesn't have a deathly fear that strange guys are going to driver her to the middle of nowhere, do nasty things to her, maybe hack some limbs off and then leave her for dead) I had my mom tell me that the old man thought I might be taking out the chick from Dirty Dancing.  I had to inform them that sadly I was not talking out Jennifer Gray!

On the way to pick up our third wheel (Joking - Not going to use names but he was a pretty cool guy as well. Gave me some advice on breaking into dealing - drugs and poker) we talked a bit about dealing, Vegas, Shitty cars, gambling addictions a paranoid local "celeb" and of course meeting strangers.
She asked me if I was nervous and I told her that to a degree I was, and am pretty much every time I meet a fellow blogger.

The way I sum this nervousness up is this - when I come over here and post my rants and whatnot I am protected by the anonymity of the internet.  I feel that my general persona does come across well and if you were to go through and read everything that I write and then hang out with me for a month you'd notice that it's pretty much the same guy.  However, you never know what the other person is going to be like.  My thing is I like to be rude and offensive.  When I am meeting someone new I try to tone that down a bit because I'd hate to have a build up leading to the evening and then have the person be all like (be all like? really?  idiot) "I kinda thought those jokes were just something you said online - I didn't realize this would be your outward persona as well."   I guess I'm just more reserved which is why EVERYONE says that I'm a really nice guy and not grrouchie at all :)
Meeting someone new who you have chatted with online but not actually seen and interacted with in person is a lot like going on a 1st date. It's a bit awkward at first!

The Comedy show was pretty good.  Most of the comedians had at least a few funny spots and I felt 3 of them really knocked it out well.

AK, Scott Von Wald, and Dat Dude Donnie.

If you live in Vegas and love comedy - check out some local shows with these talented people.  Choices Pub on Rainbow and Cheyenne is only $5 bucks to get in for 3 hours of comedy every Friday night and I have had a great time every time I go.

I'm just kind of all over the place because I've missed my keyboard these last few days. I am almost as happy to have it back as I was to be able to roll down my driver side window after 6 months!!!

And finally - I touched on it in the middle but didn't do enough justice to it.
Jennifer Gay is a really cool chick and I really hope I get a chance to hang out with her a couple more times before she disappears.  We talked about a ton of different subjects and she gave me some good advice on what I should do in order to become a poker dealer.  However, the biggest issue was that Step 1 basically is "Make friends with some good dealers."

And that my friends is the end of my typing.
I will be more focused next time.
I just looked up and briefly looked at what I wrote.
I hate this post and want to delete it and try again.
Instead, I'm going to try and install Diablo 3.
Stay Thirsty my friends.


  1. i seen that post by jennifer gay on facebook before i read it in ur blog, and please dont forget the 3 blogs to add to my blogroll

    1. For the first time in a few days my computer is now working.
      Your last email you asked me to add one - not 3.
      Who are the 3?

  2. also do u know how to fix it so no one can copy my ID or anyone elses id? do i actually have to have forum software installed to do this or not? and also, i hope u are smart enough to realize thats not me josie or tatude ever posting at all on the black pimps blog, including those saying im not posting there, those also arent me. 100% are NOT ME.

    1. Tony - You have admitted to posting on and trying to stir up shit.
      At the time you denied it but eventually you admitted it was you.
      Why should I believe that it's not you again? Just curious.

  3. now why is it giving me a unique id here but not on my site?

    1. The reason it's "Unique" here is because you are using your google account to post here. I am using the normal blogger posting functions.

      On your site you are using different software for your comments - it's apples to corpses.

  4. grouchie, when i posted there a long time ago, i was posting as someone else. (what im saying is i never ever will post there as sevencard2003). should be obvious from little remarks a little out of line, that isnt really something id feel comfortable saying.

    1. Honestly, anytime I look at that site I only look at the articles - I ignore the comments completely because it's like a bunch of 8 year old's standing around trying to see who can make the most offensive dick and fart jokes.

      On the other hand, when I go to your blog I usually just read the comments.


  5. basically, i never post there good or bad, nor anything in my defense, because grump josie and lightning and tatude are strongly opposed to it, and i cant go back on my word and still convince others its not me.

  6. i dont even know if u know how to do forum software, are u saying get rid of disqus?

    1. if you like Disqus then keep it. To each their own.

      I got rid of it because I got tired of it. I don't need the power to IP ban people and whatnot whereas for you that comes in handy.

      If things get out of control on here I can delete comments and if I really need to I can get to a point where I moderate them before approving.
      But, for the most part, everyone is respectful on my comments.

  7. This post is fine grrouchie - much better than that Bikini Hill joker... ;) I imagine that hanging out with a Bellagio poker dealer was interesting all by itself, let alone a Dirty Dancing co-star to boot - well played... :)

    1. If I play my cards right I might be able to put Baby into a corner before the year's over.

    2. You don't like pop culture references?