Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Walking Dead

I spent the last few days working on fixing my computer and reading/watching The Walking Dead.
I've always been a zombie fan and knew once the TV show came out that I'd love it.  So, when season 1 got released on Blue Ray I immediately picked one up even though it took me until yesterday to actually put it in my PS3 to watch.  Yeah, I procrastinate.  I have to be in the right mood for something or I'm willing to leave it on my shelf for years.
However, before I started watching it I decided to start reading the comics.  Now, right before Season 2 started to air I bought Issue #1 on the way to work and really enjoyed it.  Wasn't a big fan of the whole Black/White thing with no color but it was still well drawn and the story was good.  This is when I decided to buy more.
I had headed back to the comic store a day or so later and looked into getting Vol 1 but what I saw was an awesome hard cover version that was selling for way too much. So, instead of buying it I headed home to research where to find it cheaper.
Turns out that by doing research I stumbled upon the Comixology app for my Kindle Fire and decided that:
1) to save space
2) because it's cheaper
3) easier to find what I want when I want
I decided that I would just enter the direction that companies are pushing us and enter the digital age for comics. (Since this time I have bought some older comics off Ebay, but those are going to be exceptions and not the rule).  So, I found everything at the right time because The Walking Dead had just been released digitally for the first time and Vol 1-5 were all on sale for half off.
I instantly purchased all of them (after having only read one issue) and downloaded them.

This brings us to maybe two weeks ago when I finally decided to start reading them.  Yes, I put EVERYTHING off until I'm good and damned well ready.  I had other comics that I was reading as I'm trying to get into comics for the first time ever (You'd think this would be something that would have been up my alley for decades - but for some reason my comic collections consisted of Beavis and Butt-Head, Ren and Stimpy and a few Rock and Roll comics.  Sometimes I would pick up an X-Men if the cover looked cool.  I tried to get into the new superman stuff after they killed him off and he somehow multiplied into like 6 people. But I never stuck with it).

I read through the 1st 5 volumes pretty quickly and was dying to read more.  I had a debate on whether I was going to keep buying them and reading along or if I was going to just finally watch the TV show and the TV show won out.  I am damned happy that I finally watched it.  It was fucking brilliant.
I really love how they use some of the comic but then veer off onto their own path with differing story lines and different characters.  Watching the show I really missed a couple of the characters in the books but after two episodes I really started to appreciate the new characters and the fact that I wouldn't know everything that was going to happen.

Now, I'm not an emotional guy when it comes to movies and TV shows and stuff. I've watched a whole bunch of chick-flicks in my time and whatnot and for the most part they never affected me.  However, in 6 episodes of The Walking Dead I had more emotional reaction to the hardships of these characters than I think I have had in the past decade of watching movies.  Three of the episodes had me a little teary eyed and the Season Finally had me shed one or two.  That was pretty damned weird if you ask me.  However - I cannot wait for season 2 to be released so I can run through it as well.
I'm probably going to have to get a DVR so that I can start following along with season 3 when it starts because I don't really want to wait another year+ in order to catch it.

Now, I really need to start reading through the other 70 comic book issues so that I can catch up on the story there.
Volume 5 ended amazingly well and Volume 6 is set up to be f'n amazing plot wise.
I will also be picking up the episodic releases of the Video Game that came out within the past month.  That is probably where I will take the story next before heading back to the Comic Books.

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