Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Open Letter to Tony Bigcharles

I had a Rob sized post/rant typed up but in the end I decided to go with this instead.

Dear Tony,

Please to not mistake me starting this with "dear" as having any sentiment at all. That is just the standard way I start everything of this nature.

Tony - You are the source of all of your own problems.
You are alienating everyone who has tried to be a real friend to you.
You are only willing to listen to people who have vagina's that you may or may not ever get to use in the future.
Stop pretending to be high and mighty. Stop pretending to be Christian. Stop insulting everyone who tries to help you by blowing them off when it's convenient and then telling them they didn't do enough for you when you fuck up.
Koala has been amazing to you over the past two years or so and somehow you managed to piss him off so much that he said he's done putting up with your shit?  Seriously?  One of the few people who you could have counted on and you decided to chase him away.  Great job there Tony.

Today for the first time since you left Blogger I checked out your new "forums" because of some tweets that really got my interest.
So it seems that you decided to lie to everyone in order to bring more attention to yourself and called everyone out for NOT being a real friend to you except the two people with vagina's.  Good job being a self centered attention whoring asshole.

The world does not owe you anything. You do not deserve more than what you are currently receiving.  You created your own problems and you are the only one who can solve them.
Accept responsibility for the problems you have created.
Stop pretending to be a Christian and start acting like one.
Take care of your family instead of acting like they are a burden on you.
Either learn to control your addictions or remove yourself from the problems.  The problem is not the machines. The problem is ALL GAMBLING including Poker.

There could be more, but it's not worth my time and effort.



  1. I think you know this already but you're just pissing in the wind. He don't care. He's heard it all before.

    1. I know, but I really just wanted to type something and his stupid little antic about Lying to everyone about getting kicked out of Binions/4Queens - Insulting everyone who has been nice to him except the two people with Vagina's and then later saying "oh, I made all that shit up because I'm a fucking attention whore and didn't think you guys were paying enough attention to me"

      And, because yesterday was the first day I ever looked at his forums because I have never felt like wasting my time - I thought I'd at least share my thoughts here because I refuse to register at his site and I will probably never open it up again.

      Also - I think i'd be more satisfied if I jerked off with Sandpaper but whatever.

  2. I can put up with a lot of bullshit but the lying stuff just gets me in the worst way. I guess as you see more and more of his crap you just get tired of it and understand why so many who have tried to help just don't bother anymore.

    1. Yeah - the Lying is horrible.
      Accusing people who have tried to help him countless times of not being a real friend for whatever reason he has is also horrible.
      The email he sent to Riviera poker room manager bitching and swearing about their tournament (the 10K one, not the TBC one) was horrible.
      And, the reason I stopped playing with him in the first place - his angry outbursts filled with hate and vile at the poker tables.

    2. I missed the email to the Riveria manager. Where is that? What did he say? Can't find it.

  3. well, see, now I have to remove myself from my self-imposed TBC exile and see what all the to-do is...

    1. If it were not for a flurry of Tweets that went out yesterday or the day before I would not have bothered.
      But I really wanted to see what led to him getting "banned" from Binions/4Queens.
      However, it was all a big lie.

      however, he did tell the world that he got to go down on some chick - so there is that

  4. And now having done so the only words I can muster are ""

    1. I'm sure that sums it up pretty well.
      I wanted to go back and check out the "fallout" from him lying and telling everyone that they aren't true friends because he doesn't have their phone numbers and whatnot.
      And I really laughed at the line (that I just remembered) that Grump wasn't a true poker player because poker players aren't asleep at 4 am (paraphrasing - but it was in there somewhere, I swear).

  5. I like the line about Grump even if the reasoning is slightly off :). I should go read this shit too but too tired today.