Friday, July 06, 2012

To Bridge the Gap

Yesterday I was sick with some puke and the shits.
I ate something I shouldn't have and it violently left my body from both sides.
I guess that makes up for the gorging that I did the day before with hamburgers, hot dogs, chili cheese sauce, ribs, potatoes and snacks out the wazzou!
I still plan on being down come Sunday's weigh in.

This post is really to bridge the gap till my next real post though.  I've got one that I started when Rob mentioned Hugo's Cellar which is one of my favorite places to eat even though I only ate there once 6 years ago.  I will be going again but will probably have to take out a payday loan to make it :)

Saturday night appears to be a UFC night and as such it appears as though I'll be meeting up with Stump for Drinking and Violence.

Last night through the wonders of Playstation+ I downloaded Pac-Man Championship Edition DX for free and played it between not feeling well and sleeping.  It's pretty fun overall and a good twist on the old formula.  I love the fact that the real classics are still playable to this day.

Against my better judgement I'm going to work today even though my vacation starts the moment I walk out the doors and end my shift.  I've got the sick time to cover an extra day off and thus start my vacation this morning (with going back to sleep!!!).
My goal is a fair amount of Video Games and Poker over the course of these 5 days off.  So we'll see if I can start winning some of these 75% + situations or, if as Rob says, I used up all of my good luck in one session of poker and am now paying the consequences.

My motivation to work is approaching negative numbers as it has been the past two days.  Things slow down around the holidays and the work load lightens and for the first time in 3 months I'm annoyed that I've got help instead of alone so I can stretch everything out over the whole day.  Whatever.
When I come back next Thursday there will be 3 people and no one will know what to do.  I also might request adjusting my schedule back to 8-5 instead of this 6-3 business, those two extra hours of sleep are so precious.

Also - Lego Lord of the Rings


  1. Good luck with the poker, hopefully I'm wrong but using up all your rungood in that one session.

    Hope you don't spend most of the day in the bathroom. Sounds like you caught Lightning's bug. So-to-speak.

    1. I'm just an unlucky fucker Rob - however I hope all of this changes soon!

  2. Try for a coupon (use a zipcode search the neighborhood one is hosed up). I didn't see Hugo's Cellar on here currently but it has been in the past and so has the steak house at the El Co. Currently there is a coupon for Hash House at the Plaza. I am not a shill for the site. My kid lived in Vegas and I would buy a bunch of certificates and use some when I visited and then leave the rest with him. The site often has codes (almost always) making it even cheaper.

    1. Thanks for the info and I was definitely going to be trying to find discounts or coupons for the next time I finally go.
      At work we have a "thing" where certain places offer discounts on gift cards for specific places or whatever that usually come with some sort of restriction like you can order whale penis or only eat between the hours of 2 am and 2:37 am and if you bring a guest they have to have crotch rot, a murder conviction and one anal wart.

  3. 6:00 to 3:00?! How did that happen?

    1. Well Coach you see, when you go down on the Store Manager you get treated differently than others.
      Also, 6-3 sucks, I hate being awake at 4:30 am to get ready.