Monday, July 02, 2012

A Rogue Work Week

Last night while in a drinking mood I headed out and by random happenstance I decided to pull into a Lee's Discount Liquor instead of hitting up the local grocery store.
I had no idea what I was actually looking for but I scanned through the different coolers looking at the random beers that were presented to me (they sell 6 packs of Arrogant Bastard Ale - I wish I liked this stuff but my wallet is glad I don't) when I stumbled upon my favorite (out of two) Rogue Ale - Dead Guy.
It's so much more bitter than I am used to but that doesn't appear to stop me from chugging the bottle down anyways.  There is just something underneath that bitterness that I really enjoy.

Also, at the suggestion of Chuck (an annoy reader) I ended up picking up a bag of Popchips in order to try to satiate my craving of potato chips.  I fully expected to tear into this bag and devour it, instead I ate approximately one serving and quit very happy to have that hunger quenched.  I'm now a happy grrouch!

I'm kind of looking forward to this week at work.  This is going to be the first full week that I have help.  Next week will consist of me having LOTS of help as my co-worker on leave comes back as well.  Today I'll be making an attempt to talk to the Store Manager about my future in the office, where she thinks it should go and where I think it should go.  Of course, I said attempt because it's hard to get a Store Manager to stop moving long enough to talk sometimes as they have so much crap going on.

I have no plans today but the 3rd and 4th are both looking up.  Rib dinner with friends and family on the 3rd as a pre 4th celebration and also a post old man's birthday celebration and I'm really looking forward to chowing down on some ribs.
Then on the 4th I'll be watching the fireworks from somewhere - the where has yet to be determined.

I have a 4th of July post in the works, I've got the main part of it written but I struggle with whether I should post it or not.  It's a story from my youth about why the 4th just hasn't held any thrill for me in the last two decades or so.  Only time will tell - I've still got two more days to figure that out.

Vacation starts after work on Friday - I can't wait!


  1. Bro, now that we're both almost single, let's hang out. I need more friends here. (Enter violin music here)

  2. Are you proposing we have a Bromance?

    I'm with you on the needing more friends thing - everyone I hang out with has kids and likes to go to petting zoo's.
    None of them want to go to a Heavy Petting Zoo with me lol

  3. grrouchie, be careful with that heavy petting or you might find out why he is called "stump." : o P

  4. So maybe the wife got that in the divorce huh?

  5. Well hopefully I'm not too annoying [insert Martin Short SNL clip here]. For what little it's worth I'm chuck_mingus on AVP, I'm just too lazy and antisocial to create another account.

    Does it qualify as a heavy petting zoo if it's just me, home alone? Or is only when I add the goat and the two chickens?

    Perhaps I've shared too much...


    1. No one is annoying. I welcome any and all comments.

      Also, Why no sheep with this heavy petting? I prefer them over chickens.

  6. Yeah, I figured the "annoy" was just an autocorrect typo, but it struck me as funny.

    Sheep?!?! That's disgusting, man! Plus, it's been my experience that chickens are much better at working the video equipment.