Saturday, July 14, 2012

Slipped my mind

So, this past week at work finally got me all the help in the office I could want plus more.
After 3 months they brought in a full time person from out of state to help me out, but then 2 weeks later the person who was on FMLA came back as well.
The office is too busy for one person.  Two full time people will have time where they are bored. 3 full time people is just fucking ridiculous, seriously.

There is still the looming position of Department Manager floating out there (which, in my opinion should have been posted 2-3 weeks back) which is pretty much the only thing keeping me from trying to get a new position elsewhere in the store or company.

My current plan is to let the other two deal with whatever office work actually exists and I'm going to try to take a more prominent role on the floor helping out. Mostly this will consist of trying to get people trained in order to do their jobs better, giving them new knowledge or more knowledge as the case may be.  There are a lot of people out there afraid to engage the customer properly in order to meet the company's objectives which will most likely be a big issue for them in the coming months.  The more the company becomes sales focused the more likely the 100% task driven employees are of being promoted to customer and no one really wants to see that happen to good workers.

As with everything we will see what happens with time.  Work is talking about adjusting schedules and having us (in the office) stay until 8pm instead of 5pm, working weekends and all kind of other mean nasty stuff.  Good times I guess, but all will be revealed in due time and we'll see what was right and what never panned out.

Other than that - I got good news on the house front.
I was approved for my Release of Liability/Transfer of Ownership to put the house fully into my name and release Carmel from her obligations so that both of us can move on with life.
I now just have to process a Quitclaim deed and get two other documents signed off and notarized and sent back in to the mortgage company.
Maybe this bit of closure and some sort of semblance of a "normal" life is what both of us need at this point.

And now, some Ugly Kid Joe


  1. Good news on the house deal. With the current Vegas housing situation u were fortunate to get that handled.

    1. yes, Definitely.
      Especially considering I got a phone call about a week into the process telling me that they probably would deny me because of a few things.
      So, when I didn't hear back after 3-4 weeks and called I expected bad news.

      I'm happy about all of this because at this point the House situation is all about my parents. I want this house so that they have a place to live for the rest of their life. No worries about moving, no worries about rent increasing and whatever else.
      This will be a huge weight off my chest once everything is 100% final.

  2. Never heard of Ugly Kid Joe till now. Very impressed with their Black Sabbath.