Monday, July 16, 2012

Humidity and Television

Last night I went to the drive in to watch the newest Ice Age and quite enjoyed it, though it felt a bit short.  During the movie it started to rain and went into a Las Vegas down pour at one point, the drive home filled with flooded streets and whatnot.  I still love the fact that a minor amount of rain can shut down sections of the city, but this is the desert so I guess I should just get used to it.

Anyways, back to my story, which has already gotten made fun of in tweet form by Pokergrump, but whatever.
The humidity was in the 20's today. For my non desert living friends this seems like an idiotic comment to make.  Humidity in the 20's is something to be celebrated because it's a very very low percentage.  However, here in Vegas it's a bit higher than normal.

Being a fat kid with asthma, I hate Humidity.  Sometimes I forget how much I really don't like it but days like today make me remember.  Yes, I have previously lived in 80% humidity and it really sucked for my asthma and for my arthritis.  Moving to the desert has been a dog-send to me because my allergies have been better, my asthma has been better and I forgot that I have a minor amount of arthritis.

Today kind of sucked.  Make fun if you will, but this "humidity" has really decided to mess with my body today. My breathing has been heavier and it drained all of my energy.  I'll be happy to get back to the sub 20's again so that I can feel much better.

Thanks to this crappy weather there was no gym today. I did not want to stretch my lungs and risk anything so whatever. It's probably just another in a long line of excuses but when it comes to my asthma I take no chances.

Tomorrow if I am going to hit the gym I'm going to have to do it right after work as I think I'm going out with some friends.  This coming Sunday my favorite blonde comes into town again as well and hopefully she is bringing wings from my favorite red-head.  Red won't be coming to town until August but I'll be sure to enjoy Blonde while she is here.
(for the sake of "I didn't ask permission to call them out in this blog" I have pulled a Rob and done the above).
I'm looking forward to a good time next week, there will be at least one really good drinking night during that time.

Watching the Weeping Angels part two of Matt Smith's first season of Doctor Who and they are already making reference to River Song murdering someone.  I love the way that things are interwoven over the course of multiple seasons.  I can't wait for the new season - things are going to be great!

Today during lunch I watched the 1st episode of Breaking Bad season 5 and I'm happy with the way it started. Knowing that this is the last season they have really done a great job of turning Walt into an egomaniac, which I think is going to be his ultimate demise.  The way that his character has developed from someone just trying to provide for his family before his death from cancer to ultimate bad ass who has done some very horrendous things has been an awesome journey to watch.

I really want to start watching either Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire but I just haven't worked up the desire to pop the discs in yet.

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  1. I had to laugh about the humidity issue. It's gotten "humid" here as well due to the monsoon season. Right now it's 19%, but it was higher last week due to the rain. It's funny how I've gotten used to the dry air so fast. The other day it was almost 50% and I had to laugh at myself for noticing because back east 50% would be I'm hoping the fall and winter prove to be less painful here (I also have arthritis).

    I love the Bob Ross typewriter.